Skoda Fabia camper 'Florence '

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  • Well, thought I'd share my car, her name is Florence, she is a skoda fabia Combi SDI who i bought for £200 from a scrapyard 3 years ago and slowly built up into what she is now,

    She has been on a lot of adventures across the uk, frequently tours festivals and hippie gatherings...seems to have became well known at the local ones :D

    Many upgrades include:

    Full thermal insulation
    Amplified Bose surround sound system originally from a Mazda
    Webasto diesel powered night heater

    VW Golf high output sdi diesel engine 'returns 68 mpg and even runs on bio diesel'

    2 inch suspension lift
    Underbody protection for offroad
    Leisure battery
    Full Bohemia-SE trim and wiring conversion' all top of the range extras now fitted' ' she was originally a base model '

    And many more things i cant remember off the top of my head:D

    She is used as my daily car, but i have also built a double bed that fits into the back with fold out table and made curtains that fit for camping trips, also a deep cylcle leisure battery mounted under the floor in the boot for overnight heating etc, she has also been fully insulated behind all the panels and roof lining so in warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

    Anyway, heres a few pictures of her

    She is made from scrapyard parts, not all genuine parts, for instance the roof rails are from a Kia and the front seats are from a Rover :D

    1st picture is When i got her, 3 days from being crushed

  • Hay, thanks, they only seem to work on the pc version of the forum, won't work on the mobile version unless you set the page to pc it seems:S

  • Nice to see you getting out and enjoying life to the full. There will be many people on here who will be jealous of your levels of stealthiness.

    Maybe this guy can help inspire your winter moves. Even if you can not speak german,you will get a good idea from the video

  • Well, im going to be fitting a burner in my caravan as my mate who lives next to me in a converted Mercedes-Benz bus has fitted one, they work a treat

    Got a webasto night heater in the skoda which works, was doing a bit of urban camping last night in the middle of Glasgow, few friends and i are currently on a big road trip

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  • I have the same car! ... is it the 1.4 diesel or the 2.0? done 80k in 4 years or so now so shes up to 150k on the clock. things are starting to go wrong ... my oil pressure sensor needs replacing or so i thought but the cable had worn to nothing!