Petition - Legalise Medical Marijuana in the UK

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  • A slight aside re US states moves towards legalising Marijuana sale and use:

    Federally (USA wide) it is still illegal so can't be imported/exported across national borders or state borders if illegal in the neighbouring state.

    Some powerful fuck in the US (nationwide) legal department has decided to rescind the memo allowing individual states to legalise local use and has stated his intention to reimpose federal (national ) law that illegalises marijuana.

  • Now they claim “all” cannabis publically sold for both medicinal and recreational use, must be a product from licenced growers. Research shows that many smaller producers are using illegal (banned) pesticides in the production. This is perticularly alarming (they have found) when one of these banned pesticides turns really nasty (toxic) when heated to high temperatures.

    It’s never straight forward is it?

  • Some powerful fuck in the US (nationwide) legal department has decided to rescind the memo allowing individual states to legalise local use and has stated his intention to reimpose federal (national ) law that illegalises marijuana.

    just at a time, when health professionals are singing praises for the use of cannabis to reduce the detox effect from opiate withdrawal. Findings show those States where the federal law had been relaxed regarding Cannabis use, there was a significant reduction in the number of heroin addicts.

  • Who really cares what the scientists and researchers have to say.....users learn to know the ups and downs of their addictions and how to displace one with another.

    Crazy world that chooses to put herb profits in the hands of organised crime.

    So sick of nanny state.

    It can be straightforward. For those with space and consistent warmth and a cleanish criminal record who can afford a first caution can grow their own in the UK with minimal possibility of being penalised.

    That's not good enough but it's there.

  • How big of the judiciary, government and CPS to allow autonomous planet dwellers to grow a little weed subject to prosecution and the end of one's career.

    It's not cool. A caution for a weed grow carries minimal repercussions for some and maximal repercussions for others.

  • It can be straightforward. For those with space and consistent warmth and a cleanish criminal record who can afford a first caution can grow their own in the UK with minimal possibility of being penalised.

    Grow tents that fit in a cupboard are available so space is not too much of an issue and I have always thought that consistent heat was a problem not a virtue ?

    As for 'minimal possibility of being penalised' the very minimum will be confiscation of plant/s and ALL equipment ( I know several peeps that grow and all of them have several hundred quid invested in the kit), that coupled with the obligatory caution on your record and maybe repercussions from an informed landlord.

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  • Stereotyping is no longer the issue. Many respected professionals have probably at onetime tried cannabis (along with other drugs) and still do. I didn’t imply illegal as many professionals will travel to Countries where lawful classification isn’t such a big deal and may try it quite lawfully.

    However, legalising pot smoking has far reaching consequences for professionals, legal or not. If say it’s legalised or decriminalised here in the UK. Employers and Police will be encouraged to routinely test for substance levels in some circumstances. Train drivers, bus drivers, ambulance drivers, police force, security staff, heavy industrial machinery operatives, healthcare professionals etc.

    Many professionals who recreationally use cannabis face the threat of loosing their licence to drive a motor vehicle (banned for 12 months)

    Trumps stance on both recreational and medical cannabis availability has to some extent been influenced by the many public health bodies in the USA.

    What has been lacking is the valid research data and lack of regulations with production, testing of these prepared products has raised further concerns.

    Look at what has happened in the last 5 years in the US. Synthetic opiates routinely mass prescribed. Patents finding after building up tolerance and increasing dose rate and strength, have found themselves becoming addicted. Prescription drugs of high strength and quality that have become widely available, soon found favour for abuse on the black market. Then the black market started to manufacture “counterfeit” synthetic drugs to supply the continuing and growing “black market”

    Data showed Drug deaths from opiates (Fentanyl) in the US sored in the last 4 years. Pointing the blame on the synthetic prescribed drug Fentanyl as being the cause of these drug deaths.

    Autopsy's carried out on these OD casualties showed Fentanyl in the blood, but they didn’t bother to document other drugs present, nor could the tests differentiate between black market manufactured counterfeit Fentanyl and lawfully prescribed prescription Fentanyl. Stats just said Fentanyl being the cause of death.

    Parents and campaigners started to lobby government to have these strong drugs withdrawn from routine prescription and blamed doctors and pharmacists of profiteering at the expense of patients health and wellbeing. Some patients and parents filed law suits against doctors, pharmaceutical Companies. 6 x doctors in the USA were struck off and prevented from practicing last year alone for routinely over prescribing prescription drugs to patients. Some are facing possible prison sentences.

    This has spooked not only doctors, many of whom now refuse to prescribe Fentanyl and other pain killers to chronic longterm pain sufferers, for fear of reprisals. But also pharmacists (chemists/drug stores) are profiling patients with genuine prescriptions and refusing to supply Fentanyl to them in many cases. Stating that they will need to speak to the issuing doctor themselves before supplying the prescription to the patient, many don’t even bother to do this, (make the phone call) instead suggest the patient goes elsewhere with their prescriptions.

    This has caused much stress and confusion amongst chronic longterm suffering patients. Who can nolonger obtain medication that they truly need and have been using for sometime without adverse effects (a result of Trump admin panic actions) and these patients now feel punished for the many who abuse both prescribed prescription medication and black market Fentanyl, that is coming in from a China and Mexico.

    Many of these deprived patients have gone on to commit suicide. One patient walked into his doctors surgery and unloaded a gun into the reception staff.

    Today we find similarities with the Trump admin clamping down on medical marijuana and recreational Cannabis producers/ suppliers and back tracking on legality and lawfulness.

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  • AW -

    In your first paragraph you mention stereotyping is no longer the issue, I guess in response to my third to last paragraph (what is the huge problem . . . )? I admit it's an assumption I have carried with me over time, you're saying it's less true now? I was thinking of the general voter. With the Liberal party having "legalise marijuana" as part of its campaign I was thinking it would go against them.

    Yes I think it’s less true now. Folk are still inclined to stereotype individuals into groups. Eg; Druggies, Thieves, Scum. Dossers. Homeless, Druggie and Hippy may be in reference to pot smoking , especially by the “old aged” in our society.

    With regards to Liberal Dems, I thought it was the only redeeming suggested policy change the Lib Dem’s had put forward. And personally thought it “could be” a vote winner. If it hadn’t been for “their sell out” in the collision, maybe they would have been in with a chance. Had Corbyn not have won the hearts and minds of the younger generation and Labour limped to the election with a fragmented party full of internal disputes. We may well have decriminalised cannabis in the UK by now.

    And back on Topic. Sorry for derailing a petition thread.

  • old thread ~ but today it’s now “happened”.

    Medicines derived from the cannabis plant have been approved for use on the NHS for the first time.

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) has approved a drug for epilepsy in children and another for multiple sclerosis. Campaigners hope they open the door for more cannabis-based drugs.

    Epidyolex, made from cannabis oil, can reduce seizures in children over two with two rare forms epilepsy. Sativex is a spray containing cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive constituent of cannabis, and can treat muscle stiffness in people with multiple sclerosis.

    This leads into the Twenty21 Project

    Project TWENTY21 will enrol 20,000 patients by the end of 2021, creating the largest body of evidence for the effectiveness and tolerability of medical cannabis – with an aim to demonstrate to policymakers that medical cannabis should be as widely available, and affordable, as other approved medicines for patients who would benefit from them.

    The times are a changing!

  • About time. NICE have been dragging their feet for ages despite medical use having been approved.

    Ironic really since the UK is amongst the top global producers of marijuana for medical use....not to mention a few prominent Tories are major shareholders in the industry.

    I think recreational use will become legal pretty soon-ish but only once the commercial licensing, production and distribution has been totally sewn up and in the hands of a few corporate bodies.

    I cant see medical marijuana production being given a free rein for anyone to engage in as its too lucrative a market.