The Green Wall of Africa

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  • I stumbled accross this newsfeed about a green wall in Africa that is now changing the lives of men, women and children. Creating new travelling families along its length. It's still early days, but what a future this could be for hundreds of thousands of settled and nomadic folk. What struck me most about it, was the opportunity to just sit down under shade that wasn't man made 'so to speak' I may have just found a worthwhile charity to support in the future.…great-green-wall-internal

    I came across another project to save the boabab trees on Radio 4. Paying women to plant and raise new boabab trees. They get paid according to the hight the tree grows! Some are putting their grey water around the trees instead of elsewhere, some are building small walls around the vulnerable young trees to protect them. Not only is the fruit a rich source of vitamin C, they can also command a high price as a super food for the rich and famous.
    well worth investigating further.…larity-changed-lives.html

    Small steps, large rewards. :thumbup: