Eckhart Tolle

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  • So I went to see Eckhart Tolle in Dublin a couple of weeks back. :hippy:

    I wasn't massively into him before - I mean I'd read Power of Now and A New Earth but I found him quite difficult to listen to and only went because a couple of friends were going.

    Anyway, I am now hooked and find him completely captivating.

    Anyone else a fan or got a favourite clip to share?

  • Bloody Guru groupie :D:pp

  • I Have Read His Book....And Have Found Some Of What He Says Interesting And His Beliefs Of What He Teaches And Speaks Of Inteteresting Too And Find That Quite A Lot Of What He Says And Teaches To Be Very Mirroring Of Many Buddhist Etc Spiritual Beliefs And Many Deeper Christian Religious Beliefs And Enlightenment But He Uses Different Words...And Different Ways Of Saying Them And Therefore Puts His Own Twists And Own Meanings To Many Spiritual Teachings That Are And Have Been Very Hard To Understand/Interpretate Before In His Own Words And Are An Extension Of That Original Spiritual Enlightenment/Guidance Of His Own Hands And Speech.

    I Enjoy Both His Words And His Teachings And Writings In Such Videos As You Have Put Above And That Is One Which I Also Enjoyed As Well As His Many Spiritual Quotes And His Own Awakening Journey He Found And That Pathway He Walked To Find His Own Awakening Etc Due To His Own Depression/Sadness He Suffered From For Many Years And He Uses His Own And Thar Seeking Off And Finding His Awakening/Rebirth/Rethinking And Spiritual Enlightenment Thinking Of His To Help Others Those Findings And Teachings That Helped Him Heal And Overcome That Depression To Guide And Help Others.

    He Is What I Call A "Seeing Being...A Finder Etc" Meaning People Go To "See" Him And Read His Findings And Teachings And His Beliefs In The Hope Of "Finding"
    There Awakening...There Answers...There Healing Etc Of
    The Often "Depressions They Feel And Are Tormented With And Suffer From In There Own Life/Mind/Body/Spirit Etc In Hope Of Finding Peace In Spirit And Mind And Life ...So They Seek "Answers And Healing And Understanding And Guidance " Just As He Himself Once Did In The Hope Of Awakening And Breaking Free Off Sadly The "Suffocating Darkness Cacoon" They Feel Trapped In Every Day ....So They Go To Him Too "Seek His Spiritual Guidance .And .Answers Etc" To Be "Awakened And Break Free From The Dark Cacoon They Trapped In ...So They Can "Flyyy Out Off And Into The Lightness And Freeness Of There Mind Heart Body Spirit ...To Find "The Peace" They Desperately Seek ...Because They "Never Feel Sadly True Peace And True Happiness And True Love" .Because YES..It Comes Into There Lifes....
    But Sadly Never Stays Long And Short Lived And Short Felt....Because There Own "Dark Cacoon" Too Easily And Too Quickly" Wraps Them And Surrounds There Minds Body And Spirit And Suffocates And Smothers And Blocks Out "Any Lightness Happiness Peace And Love" They Were Feeling And Traps Them Once More In There Own
    "Fears And Darkness And No Peace" Of There Minds And Spirits Depression All Over And Over Again Like A Forever Turning Dark Wheel In There Minds And Hearts And Spirits..

    So They Seek And Find Him...Read And Listen To His Words And Guidance And Teachings To "Break Free Of There Cacoon Of Darkness/Sadness/Depression" They Are Sadly Constantly Trapped In By The Forever Turning Wheel Of Darkness Sadness No Peace Depression That Turns And Turns And Turns Never Ending In There Minds And Spirit And Heart Sadly.

    So Yes Iike Reading And Seeing His Teachings And His Videos Like Your One Above ..
    .But More For "Learning Different Peoples Beliefs And Teachings Etc" Than For "Spiritual Awakening And Enlightenment And Guidance And Help And Healing Etc"
    For I Already Be "Awakened In Mind Body Spirit Heart Etc" And Not Trapped In A "Cacoon Of A Forever Turning Wheel And Darkness Of Mind And Heart And Spirit Etc" ...And Not Seeking Or Looking For That Or Answers.
    And I Can See And Understand Why You And Many Become Hooked Because Many Of His Thinking Mind And Thinking Teachings And Words And Videos And Books Are Very Beautiful And Wise And Very Calming Spiritually And It Seems They Do Help People Awaken And Heal And Break Free Of The Cacoons Pf Darkness And Depressions They Trapped In And They Find The Answers And Understanding They Seek And Find There Lightness And Love Peace Happiness ...Which I Am All About And For :))) And Why I Like And Enjoy And Am Into His Teachings Etc:)

  • ^ That isn't him

    Sorry I Confused You....I Was Showing Of His Teachings And How His Teachings Are Being Used ...In Life...In Schools...Esp Children ....As Children Are The Future So Teaching Children Some Words Of Spirirual Wisdoms An How To Use Those Words In Life Is A Powerful Good Lesson For Them To Learn Practise And Use.:)

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  • I agree - just like a lot of these nonduality teachers. Ramana Maharshi was another as was Alan Watts and in more recent times people like Mooji or Michael Beckwith. They all say similar things in a slightly different way.

    My two favourite Alan Watts lectures out of all of them: