Rose Petals it's the future

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  • Rose petals were used as papers and tips in the 50's theyre used as flavorings in herbals too....I like my liquorice papers....for some reason the petsls do actually stick together when rolled but they tear easy too,well they did when i rolled em but i was not exactly the best cigarette roller eva back in the 70's

  • I Use Rose Petals For Lots And Lot Of Things ...I Even Bath In The Every Day Because We Use The Oils From The Petals That The Hot Water Releases For Our Skin And Hair...I Make Rose Jam And Cakes Etc And Often Eat The Petals Too Straight From The Bush hahaha.

    Yeah My Mates And Grown Kids Always Shocked When I Walk Along And Pinch A Few From Someones Garden And Pop Them Straight Into My N
    Mouth Or Wherever I Am Walking Or At If Rose Bushes Around hahaha....
    I Also Use It For "Spiritually Purifying" And Both Burn It And Smoke hahahaha:)))Yep I Love Roses And Petals And Have Loads Of Giant Roses Bushes In My Garden Too hahaha:))