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  • Hi

    New to the forum yesterday, I have been vegan since the start of the year and I have found it really easy! Love it!

    I do sometime crave (what I call) junk foods like bready things (Sainsburys tea cakes) and crispy things (again Sainsburys) tortilla chips!

    Anyone on here any experience of living in Spain as a vegan? I'll be there for four months this winter...


    Andrew :)

  • I wasn't vegan while living there but still struggled as just a veggie. Like most places outside of large cities you'll struggle, unless you speak the language well use google translate on the phone & be prepared to eat a lot of chips & salad. On the plus side there is a good selection of fruit & veg available. Good luck & let us know how you get on.

  • Have been to Spain once since I've been vegan and I didn't have a great deal of choice to be honest, but as fried onion said there are lots of lovely fresh vegetables and fruit. I hope you like chips! Lol. I had exactly the same problem in cyprus earlier this year. There were few vegetarian options, let alone vegan. I found the waiters/waitresses to be very accommodating (more so in Cyprus) when I tried to explain my dietary requirements and quite often they would prepare things that weren't on the menu. Grilled veg, jacket potatoes etc. In Spain one night we had an especially lovely waiter who had never heard of veganism but after I explained that I don't eat any animal products at all he arranged for the chef to prepare a beautiful big plate of grilled vegetables, corn on the cob and a huge perfectly cooked jacket potato........smothered in butter lol. Ah well, 10 out of 10 for effort! Really hope you enjoy your time in Spain and I'm glad to hear you're not struggling too much with your transition to veganism. It gets even easier as time goes on. All the best to you xxx

  • Thanks for the replies!

    Fortunately I do love fruit and veggies and I'll be taking a good selection of spices to I'll be able to knock up some 'one pan wonders' on my camping stove!

    I had noticed in the past that the Spanish supermarkets (in addition to lots of cheap fresh fruit and veggies) do always have a good selection of legumes too, so lots of bean, chickpeas and lentils for me!

    Actually, I have been flirting with the idea of basically only eating fruit during the day and then cooking 1 meal in the afternoon :)