How to: downsize, clear crap, store shit - any tips

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  • Yep. I've checked. I'm old. I feel old. I look like someone screwed my face up and threw it away, then changed their mind, got it out the bin and smoothed it out a bit. [emoji4]

    Have you tried running an iron over it? [emoji23][emoji23]

  • Hi Hun,just let friends who could use whatever the items are use them until you need them back. If I had everything that I own in my possession I would need 3 vans.

    I wish I knew who I gave my humane mouse trap to as I have got a little crittur moved in recently and normally I would not be that bothered,but he-she has decided to chew holes into my 1970's welsh rugby shirt and he-she must be relocated as I am now annoyed with this house sharing deal !!!!!!

    The moral of this story is - make notes of who has what when you leave items amongst friends :thumbup:

  • I away stuff you dont want or need is a good way of clearing out.Leaves a better feeling if its going to good use rather than disgarded, or lending stuff and never asking for it back...usually you dont get things back from my experience.

    Peppermint spray is THE thing for mice and all the rage...apparently....

    If nothing else its a good air freshener.

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  • So you're looking for a thief with the same taste in music n food as you? Could be an interesting meet up if ya ever find them....[emoji23]

    Life sure is strange - anything is possible if you dare go with the flow...............big ask, but the rewards can be life changing........mightn't always be immediately obvious either.....

    I prayed to the goddess Kali to sort me life since then has been utter madness looking from the outside............but I feel bigger wheels are turning and healing is going on under the cloak of destruction and loss.................I have given up comfort, material security, a deep rut, a kind of comfortable numbness - and found ecstacy, mayhem, mega confusion, love, hope, potential, joy, bliss, despair, guilt, loss of shame, is turning.......Bigbear67 - been waiting for you all my life fucking glorious nutter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx onwards and upwards and outwards and "fuck 'em all"....

  • Right back at ya Jen!! What we got transcends the material baby..... We got it going on DeeDee! So glad we met lover, fuck the pretenders, we in the groove honey! Big Love and stuff from your beast of a man! Xxxxxxxx

    thank you the business, forever :huglove: xxxxxxxxxx

  • Lots of interesting posts there. Food for thought. I managed to end up with loads of stuff and despite regularly donating loads of things I still had way too much. I kept everything I actually use and need, but still rammed...

    The decluttering is fab, I did everything I put in my list; but craft materials take up sooo much of the space. I have many hobbies and have materials for all of them. I am trying to finish off projects so I can downsize this too. Also I hope to move in the near future and Ive kept all my decorating materials, inc steamer and tools; and big strong boxes. So I guess once that's gone the storage cupboard will be a lot emptier. :)
    Can't camp anymore ( fibromyalgia and can't keep warm) so I'll be getting rid of my tents and sleeping bags... once I know some good home for them to go to. Anyone interested in these, Im in Manchester. Give me a shout.

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  • So..Decluttering is my thing.
    Started a business doing this. I go to clients houses and physically decluttered with them, offerred suppprt etc.Not one for typing, but happy to speak on the phone (no charge).

    Some good advice given already, but it will be easier for me to talk as we can figure out where to start and what's possibly making the process difficult.

    Feel free to PM me your number and anyone else if advice is needed.


  • Freecycle does not seem to get mentioned much , I obtained some minstry of sound speakers , 2 sets blackout curtains (un-used beforehand but used in Bubbles for last 5 years) and a few other things, point is they take stuff as well , depending on what is up for grabs its sometimes easier to post it as 'outside ready for collection' then theres no trouble with time wasters.

    There are occasionally charities/school groups and even local thatrical groups looking for old paint,clothes, props etc, even broken tat like a worn out Dyson will be of use to someone needing replacement bits.