The Food Diary thread

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  • Hello you lot, tis I, Abby.

    After starting another thread about my own eating habits and having a bit of a discussion, I have decided to start keeping a food diary and wondered if anyone would like to join me.

    I'm going to try to post what I have consumed each day to help me keep a check on myself. I'm not on a diet per se although I could do with losing a few pounds, it's more to monitor my health and wellbeing and how I feel.

    For example today is day one of a sort of mini detox and at almost 3pm I already have a banging headache but no tummy ache......

    So, use this thread as you will, for advice and encouragement and for when you fall off the wagon, as I am quite sure I will be doing a lot of!!!

    Maybe if it's popular it could get a sticky?

    I'll be back layer with today's would be great if some other people joined in too.

    Ab x

  • One meal a day (feeds 4 lol ) Old habits,all my working life ive worked rotating shifts -not great for regular eating pattern and most of work meal breaks were cut short or non existent due to the nature of the jobs.
    I also did loads of cycling and rowing as well as work so generally all the food went in one sitting....and i did quite literally eat enough for 4 every day back then,my food bill was horrendous.
    . Thanks to years of opiates and other painkillers my appetite pretty much shut down so i got used to much smaller meals and although i kicked the POM meds for other relief i still dont eat much and usually all in one meal time.

    Anyhoo i did get a wee peckish after a walk earlier and had 4 crackers with a wafer thin sliver of butter ... livin it large huh ? lol

  • so today:

    1 sausage and 1 egg, scrambled with 1 mushroom and a squirt of fry lite.
    4 olives, an apple
    poached salmon with broccoli, sprouts, carrots, green beans, peas and sweetcorn.
    2 cups of tea, one with lactose free milk, one with lemon.
    3 pints of water.
    after dinner i fancied some chocolate but instead i had half a tomato with salt and loads of pepper which has put me right off wanting anything sweet.
    and i have ruined it all by having some cider lol.
    if i'm hungry later i'll have a carrot and a cuppa......

    the headache i had earlier lifted and i haven't had a tummy ache at all today. i'm interested to see how i'll sleep tonight as i often suffer from insomnia.

    i know tomorrow will be an epic fail as i'm having roast dinner and apple crumble at mum's and also there will be birthday cake, but if i avoid the roast tatties and stuffing and stick to chicken and veg and a bit of gravy i should be able to limit the damage, and just have a tiny piece of crumble and a tiny taste of the cake.
    i'm not going to refuse it, because IMO that's when it starts to make you miserable and it's my mum's birthday ffs, everyone will be eating.

    anyhoo, not bad for day 1.

  • That sounds well nice...well done resisting the choccies,I doubt i would! and nowt wrong with the cider either

    No roast tatties ? noooooooo ! cannae resist the roasties.... take some home and have with some salad and coleslaw ....

    Agree totally,its the overall eating better and properly and hopefully losing weight too,not being a calorie counting mega numpty.

  • Have you suddenly put on weight since Dovedale? You didn't look overweight then.
    A sticky is surely bad for almost any diet.

  • Have you suddenly put on weight since Dovedale? You didn't look overweight then.
    A sticky is surely bad for almost any diet.

    I was just thinking similar myself, I aint seen you since The Beltane Bash but you didn't strike me as being overweight.

  • I have recently cut down but not cut out carbs' eat a lot less bread which in turn means eating a lot less butter, I have noticed that I don't feel as bloated, slightly cut down on the alcohol so that probably helps a bit.
    Anyway, I'm just about to open my 2nd bottle of wine :woohoo:

  • Well my diary entry for today is
    5 mugs of black coffee first one with 1 spoon of raw cane sugar.
    3 mugs black chai tea
    2 litres water
    4 crackers with smear of butter

    120gTin of tuna,vinegar,rainbow pepper with peppers cucumber cherry tomatoes tin of sweetcorn drizzled with olive oil,Italian herb seasoning and spot of balsamic and ...oops did that happen :spank:

    2 mugs of black assam tea.:hippy:

    And a wee (giant) glass of peach county schnapps. :D

  • TBH i dont think in total calories its more than 1000 all day and i know mayo does not make me feel ick. I dont have high colesterol or high blood pressure or blood sugar. Im just interested in avoiding the bloat and discomfort mainly...and in eating better food,not pigging on naughties that are likely to make me feel like crap afterwards.

    PS have a good time at your mums birthday party :hippy:

  • Well today was awesome, I had a great time with my family but the food consumed was...... both terrible and delicious!
    The nature of my food diary is to confess as well as be proud so.....

    Roast chicken, roast spuds, mashed spuds, stuffing, gravy, peas, courgettes and carrots ( the last two swimming in butter) and home made apple sauce.

    Black cherry and blueberry crumble with double cream and ice cream.
    And 3 cheeky roses choccies.
    And 2 glasses of white.....

    That was after a latte this morning......

    But fuck it. None of us can move but fuck it was worth it.

    Back on the case tomorrow........

  • I had pretty much a repeat of yesterday minus the crackers

    Black coffee
    Black Tea
    Water 2 ltrs

    120gTin of tuna,vinegar,rainbow pepper with peppers cucumber cherry tomatoes tin of sweetcorn drizzled with olive oil,Italian herb seasoning and spot of balsamic + mayo

    50grammes -ish of unsalted cashews pecans and dried mixed fruit.

    punnet of fresh raspberries with two meringues.

  • So today....

    2 eggs, scrambled with 1 mushroom.
    The last sachet of latte.
    3 cups tea with lactose free milk.
    1 baked spud with chilli con carne.
    2 pints water.

    I felt a bit sick earlier, no idea why, but was better after I ate.
    Definitely feeling less bloated though.

  • Today I are mostly eating... lol

    2 oatmeal biccies this afternoon

    tea was 8 rashers of smoked back bacon,4 pork and apple sausages ,small.tin pineapple rings and lsrge tin baked beans

    Ive drunk the usual 4 mugs black coffee 4 mugs black chai tea 2 ltrs of water

    And ive just found the last few lonely BertyBassett liqourice alsorts....I may just have to eat them. hmmmmmm

  • i have no idea what is going on with quoting or editing. suffice to say i did not mean fb milk, i meant lactose free milk.
    damned technology. sorry.

    nope, now it removed the post i was trying to edit.
    i give up. try again in the morning. night x

  • Had same with another thread..gremlins in the big machine..

    I has had 5 black coffee 3 black chai 1 lemon n ginger tea. 2 ltrs water
    2 oat biccies in afternoon

    tea was 2 fillets of baked haddock broken up into flakes in a bowl mixed with rainbow pepper moroccan salt balsamic vinegar lemon juice sweetcorn and fresh uncooked garden peas topped with.tartare sauce.

    30 ish grams of pecan and cashew nuts and mixed fruit, big blob of greek natural yoghourt and a meringue.

    200ml glass of coconut milk.