Handmade Organic Skin Care Products inc. Cream

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  • Hey,

    I make my own skincare products if anyone is interested in buying/trading some.

    I have a 'normal' skin cream and a dry skin cream. Nothing unnecessary added. I can also make face washes, body scrubs, shampoos etc, but mainly sell the cream.

    Both are £10 for 200ml - postage is £3 for up to 4 tubs.

    Number 14 - Normal skin cream
    Organic Shea butter, Organic Coconut oil, Almond oil, Vitamin E oil.

    XMA - Dry skin cream
    Organic Shea butter, Organic Coconut oil, Almond oil, Vitamin E oil, Tea Tree Oil, Frankincense Oil, Lavender oil.

    Creams are made by myself, hygienically in new containers. They last a long time and you only need a small bit.

    Also good (I've been told), for sunburn and bites/stings.

    Reply here or PM for more info, thanks x

  • Hi Fire-tree

    I know you said you mainly sell the creams but would you consider selling shampoo by post?

    If so, do you post to Grampian region in Scotland and what sort of shampoo do you have?

    My mum would likely say I need one for messy hair.

    Can do an order after the 6th.

  • Hello!

    I can post shampoo; however, I don't know how effective it'll be on your hair and it does take some getting used to! Not doing a very good job at selling it haha.

    What's 'wrong' with your hair - maybe I can make something tailored. Send a PM if you prefer x

  • What's right with it Fire-tree!

    I've stopped bleaching it because I really can't be hassled with the upkeep with all the studying. It was falling out a bit, but I think that was due to the drug I'm almost titrated off, my off and on healthy diet and the bleach - it really doesn't seem to be as bad.

    I did go for no-shampoo bars and I liked them for the convenience but my hair got tangly without conditioner and for someone that spent 2 years doing chemistry at uni I was awful at the homemade no shampoo stuff!

    the shampoo I have and the conditioner make it go so fluffy I can go over a week without washing it to get it to calm down and no one notices. I just tie it back when it fluffs up.

    Hair is very fine too, years of being immersed in chlorine....

    Oh and my mother will always tell you it is a mess - and I've had it Emma Watson pixie cut short when she said that.

    Is that enough faults to be going on with. Rather a lot wrong with my hair, that's why it lives in a ponytail at the back of my head!

    Best shampoo I ever had, and conditioner was a seaweed one that said no artificial ingredients and you could refill the bottles (handy as the shop was across from where I taught swimming), cost a bit, but they were big bottles and it was magic stuff.

    Might also be interested in the cream as my husband has really dry skin and mines is flaking on my hands - it has happehed before when I get stressed.

  • 1)Oh God, Fire-tree, if only.....
    2)Little shop in Strathpeffer has closed and it was 6 years ago, can't even remember the name of the stuff except it was green. I was rolling in money as the local pool had closed due to the roof being knackered. I had access to a private pool nearby. The shampoo was quite expensive, but that year we both got a lot of nice things we couldnt normally have afforded. I still have my beloved timberland snow boots.
    3) Thank you, will likely order it as hands peeling with stress and husband has very dry skin on his feet. Big problem for him, podiatrist basically just shrugged and said keep moisturising. Sadly no money till 6th Oct. Would you be able to post out by the 13th I realise that is cutting it fine? Going home then.

  • Hi Daisysmum. i think i know the stuff your talking about from the wee shop in strath. have you tried cornelia in rosemarkie as she had the same stuff when she was in dingwall.

    also Fire-tree if your still doing the dry skin cream ill get some from you please at the end of the month :)