A Downgrade from Vegan to Vegetarian.

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  • Well it was a good run, some 2 years later and I've started eating eggs again. In fact, I've become rather obsessed with egg muffins. Dairy is still dead to me.

    This decision was not made lightly, and I'm glad I made it.

    Being sugar free, processed free and vegan was too much for a lazy cook. Something had to give.

    Just sharing x

  • Sadly not when you look into it, a lot of male chicks died so those females are there, even if they do have a free-range organic death experience.

    Still, I'm eating them. My health was suffering, not for being vegan, but for my being unable/unwilling to cook for myself.

  • I drift between vegetarianism and veganism. I don't like cows milk but occasionally buy goat milk. If I can be bothered to batch cook I'll have a mad session and fill my freezer with home cooked vegan dishes but I work all over the country and it's not always possible to find a vegan option in the digs and hotels I stay in but there's always vegetarian option. I'm not politically motivated in my food choices I do my best to keep it cruelty free but I don't make any apologies for having a glass of goat milk or a boiled egg occasionally. I think that it's going to become easier to keep vegan in the future as it's becoming something that's in mainstream. I guess that the big companies and food chains want a piece of the market

  • im finding vetarianism great ,going meat and sugar free is a real health bonus ,iv allways been fond of cooking and preparing meals ,turning out vegetarian meals most days from cook books is a delight ,and the food is magnifecent and beats meat n two veg all day long

  • We eat around 2 veggie meals a week,which I'm about to increase to 3.Slowly but surely! I prefer veggie meals myself,always feel lighter,and healthier.I'm planning on growing more beans etc to dry/store on my lottie this year.

  • That all sounds great! I hope the vegetables go well.

    You'll be up to 5 meals a week in no time! I find that breakfast is an easy meal to make vegetarian - got to give credit for all achievements :D

    I find it very hard having to cook so often, I miss batch cooking.

    It's all gone wrong for me now, I'm back to being a full blown carnivore. Once my mini-mid-life-crisis is over, I'll have more brain power available to focus on these things again - but for now, if someone offers me food, I'm eating it.

  • Was full blown veggie for a few years then started to question why I was doing it. Is the path to enlightenment spending 3 hours in the shop trying to make sure that no animal has farted within 10 meters of this product?

    I now eat pretty much what is put in front of me. If I buy animal products I try to ensure that they are free range (organic doesn't necessarily mean free range!) and have had a good life, with one bad day. It works for me but each to his own.

    Like the man said, the middle way...

  • I think if you buy eggs from the side of the road sellers who have a few hens roaming around their garden or if you can rescue some ex battery hens and give them a few happy years at the end of their lives, eggs can be a guilt free nutrient dense source of Vitamins (B6, B12) and saturated fat that is lacking from a vegetarian diet.