Living in a van/caravan when your NOT a driver and single?

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  • Do any of you know or have heard of anyone doing this by just hiring drivers to get you from A-B or renting fields? I have a couple of people that will let me stay in their fields but none have planning permission or anything legal to allow caravans or water/electricity...which is fine if you can drive but both are in remote areas with no bus/train routes and also in very exposed locations that get 100mph winds on/off from autumn to spring.

    I want to buy a van or caravan to live in permanently but cannot legally drive due to a medical problem that may or may not be resolved in the future. If people cannot drive they usually have a partner driving the van/caravan that I have known or heard of. My other idea was to pull it with an electric bike :thumbup::p

    I also have no idea of the costs. My research has been reading on forums, reading off grid books and watching youtube van/caravan life videos... still most of these things dont cover my needs most people are constantly driving around, have people that they can stay with . My rent/electric/water/heating costs are currently very cheap at 200pcm I'd hope to keep them the same or cheaper... I'd stay at places for the maximum length of time would be my plan, I have read that is 28 days and in winter to avoid crashes etc stay in the same area just hopping through different sites... in my own area there are 6 sites locally... so presumably I could just hop and stay here for another 6 months even going back to the first one or moving to the next area.

    I've never owned a vehicle, i am concerned about the upkeep costs of it being driven around rather than being stationary and no idea how often caravans have to be checked to make sure they are road safe etc im wondering if there is any easy reading that outlines the legalities of owning a caravan or adapted van...
    Also if I own a vehicle but cannot legally drive it or tow would that work out for tax/ insurance etc...i obviously wouldn't be the designated driver..

  • Maybe find a caravan, then acquire yourself a travel buddy with their own van with towbar. Keep it on a purely friends basis to avoid complications and see how it goes for a bit. Transport solved, plus safety in numbers too.

  • PS, i have grandfather rights on my licence,so up to 7.5 Ton and can tow trailers too :)

    Vehicle insurance can be purchased on a daily/weekly basis as and when needed,so insure,drive/deliver to location etc.

  • You don't need to drive to be the registered keeper of a vehicle.
    Buy a camper, with an MOT or MOT it. Get somebody with a license to drive it, with temporary insurance. Find a spot for it, and put it on SORN.
    Whilst parked off road you don't need tax or insurance. You can legally drive to a booked MOT without road tax, but do need insurance. So if you need to move, book an MOT or take a chance ;)
    A solar panel on the roof will provide you with low electricity use, like lighting and phone/tablet charging. You could occasionally use a generator for anything more like power tools.

    Your main problem will be water. You can collect rain water, but that obviously takes time.

  • Vehicles, in general, don't fare at all well being stood idle for extended periods. Tax, insurance, MOT repairs etc are all expensive problems. Combined they could amount to annual site fees on a cheap caravan site with reasonable long term security

    Think caravan and get somebody to tow it for you when the time comes. Lots of people on here have vehicles with a hitch

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  • My first thought was cargo trike (or bike plus bike trailer) and a bell tent. You might have to make the trike or get it made. Bell tents are transportable by trike or bike trailer and you can put a burner in them. They are also better adapted to high winds in my opinion than a caravan, but of course a lot depends on how you set things up.

    Or as Bernie suggested, get a caravan and ask someone to tow it for you.