Who else does Yoga?

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  • Hello fellow yogi's,

    1) What type of Yoga do you practice?
    2) How long have you been practicing/teaching?
    3) What is your favourite pose?

    I practice Ashtanga yoga for the past few months and I absolutely love it.
    Favourite pose : baby crane (it's a baby crane as it's my first arm balance that I completed yesterday. Next step is to straighten my arms and lift higher with my shoulders and I'll be a fully fledged crane yay :)

  • Iv just done a 6 week intro course and touched on most types,and loved it,was going to carry on there but were moving soon so got to find new classes...ashtanga was my fave,and yin?xx

  • I remember a couple of decades ago working in a motel as a chef and there was this waitress- receptionist who was an up side down- back to front - sideways thinker working there. Anyway she told me as part of her yoga routine, every six months she would drink a salt solution and the following day would get out of bed and do a wee out of her bum.AKA an enema. She thought I would like to try it . She said it feels like nothing else.The manager thought she was the most disgusting person her ever met. The assistant manager thought she was the strangest person he ever met.

    She was also a streaker and was astonished to find I had never been streaking. She want on to become a primary school teacher.

    I have done niddrie yoga at a Confest.

  • To Be Honest I Love All Types/Styles/Techniques Of Yoga
    But My Bestest I Love And Enjoy The Most Is
    "Tantra Yoga" ..I Love The Energy Flow And Vibes..I Enjoy The Feeling Of Infinate Life And Flowww...And I Love Feeling Like A Musical Instrument As I Flowww In Mind Body Spirit.

    I Am Not A Teacher Etc Or Go To Classes Nope I Enjoy This In My Own Home Or My Little Garden And Sometimes I Go Deep Into The Beautiful Forest Hidden By The Mahoosive Trees That Tower Above And All Around Me And Then I Release Lifes Energy And My Body Becomes One At Peace As My Tantra Yoga Flowwws And I Become The Music Instrument And Release My Tunes Of Love Peace Happiness As I Feel And Find Peace Deel Inside As I Become One With Myself And Natures Beautiful Forest And All Nature All Around :))

    And To Be Honest Free-Spirit I Be Not Sort Of Have A Fav Pose...As I Just Simply Just Love To Flowww..:)

  • We do yoga quite often together at home following some awesome short classes on You Tube by a girl called Adriene.
    We also try to go to a class each week, The class is nice and relaxing and you never have to get into awkward painful poses.
    Like Danann we've also been doing some Tantra style things to get energy flowing between us.
    For us it's more keeping us moving and energised a little rather than getting into weird poses.