August energies

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  • Who else has felt the intensity of the August energies? It has been rough! Two eclipses, two moons in Leo (the first of both of these were at the end of July). Mercury is back in retrograde. Argh!

    I've definitely felt it. Felt really creative and motivated, then emotional and doubtful. Now extremely anxious!

    Just hang in there. Things will calm down soon x

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  • Oh is that why I feel like I'm going mental?
    Explains alot [emoji85]

  • I Be Defo Feeling It Too Miku...
    I love To Channel And Harvest The Powerful Energies Such As I Do With Our Great "Storms" ...:)

    Both Energies I Have Felt Very Muchly These Time Of Times ...Felt And The Good Powerful Positive Energy Vibes From Myself And From Others Be Too..:)
    But Sadly As Well Have Had Some Bad Dark Energy Thrown At Me Too :(......
    But Hey Yes...We Have To Be Always Having "Balance" In Life Energies
    ....For Without Balance There Be No Life Energies
    ..For One Cannot Exist Without The Other ...As All Things In Life And Spirit And Beautiful Nature Herself There Has To Be "Balance"
    The "Scales Of The Powers That Be And Great Spirit Always Destines Our Fates/Energies/ Gifts Etc To Be This Way...So Always With Anything In Life And Beyond That Where There Is Good/Light/Positive ..There Always Is Gonna Be Bad/Dark/Negative ....It Just Simply The Way All Things Be .."Balance".

  • Don't know really, I've had my usual fluctuations of mental state, amplified by a load of 'real life' bollox and feedback from other people around me.
    Is that cosmic forces at work?
    People do a pretty good job of winding themselves and others up without any outside influence, in my opinion.
    Minds wobble, and that unsettles minds around them, and things shift in the currents of the world through people and how they interact. I think if you wanted to start trying to predict or explain that you'd need some good micro and macro models for looking at humans rather than a telescope.