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  • It's an opinion based on my own experience.
    I have foil bubble wrap on one of my windows and it's next to useless, on it's own as an insulator, compared to 25 mm kingspan on the other) It's good at stopping the sunlight getting in and a good moisture barrier but seems to get rather hot in direct sunlight.

    I have tiled my floor with cork tiles on top of the original 1" ply, it' don't seem too cold to walk on in bare feet, in the cold weather and if I am honest it is rather comfy.

    I also prefer the cork to carpet as it can easily be swept or wiped (Assuming it's sealed)

  • You could use closed cell insulation like this (ebay no 252376922269) its sound and thermal insulation.Ive got some for in my van when i get the welding done.Or as ecobob said use cork or you could use insulation and laminate flooring,non of which is very thick so youd lose very little headroom but its warm and durable and resistant to dog claws.
    If you use insulation outside under the floor id be bothered about trapping moisture thrown up by the wheels against the floor timbers.Road spray finds its way into everything. Theres also the issue of making it secure enough so it doesnt doesnt come off on motorway.

  • The building site im on just now is half million pound houses and upwards, all external wall cavitys are being lined with bubble foil, then 4" kingspan on the internal kit panel exterior walls. New build houses are highly regulated on insulation values and performance. I think i will look into independent tests for the insulation value of bubble foil. Im not saying your wrong i just find it hard to believe that if the article is correct that its still allowed to be used in house building

  • Cheers for the pics of the dashboard. the bus is the model before mine but pretty much the same. I've found a dash about an hour from me, well rather vanwoman did. i will probably go and get it on Saturday. It depends on how badly it fails its mot today on if i can afford a dash or need the money for repairs.

  • Oh FFS! Was the indicator falling out? Either way gaffa tape. This is an MOT not a beauty contest. Headlamp aim? If it's not blinding anybody who cares?

    If it failed on anything like that then the tester i use does it there and then, no charge. The indicator would have passed and he'd have told me to sort it.

    To be fair though, he sounds a lot better than the other guy that could have tested it - certainly worth using again now he's seen it.

  • I would love that every time ,testing Bubbles one time the tester says 'offside marker not working' , tried a new bulb while he poked about underneath and found the bulb was fine but contacts rotten (did i mention that its a renault?),12v soldering iron came out and it was fixed by the time he came back outta the pit , he was impressed with the running repair way of thought , and I think I have had 2 or 3 testers tweak the headlights , some comment on the silicone sealing the cracked lens on one of them, but they all say it aint effecting the beam;)

  • Got it back witha years mot and no advisorys, you would almost think i knew the tester or something. Which i dont by the way.
    tonight i tried to fit the dash and the strangest thing happened, the indicators refused to work with the dash fitted, took it out and by magic they started to work, put the dash back in and they stoppedworking again. Took the dash back out and they worked, its staying out just now as the fan for the heater is knackered n i will get a new fan at the scrappy tomorrow.

    The heater matrix n housing bolted straight up, even the dash fits like it was ment to. Im off work friday so i will finish fitting the dash and collect the insulation n get it fitted n ply lined. Then find pallets to build the interior.

  • Have you tried moving the loom about? You could have a broken wire that is being pulled or strained when you put the dash in. Are you fitting a different hazard light with the new dash? I put a saxo dash in a 106 and had no indicators, turned out the switches were different.

  • Fitting dashes is never straightforward,ive fitted and removed lots of them.Id agree with Rick,check your loom for damage,cuts or burn marks,check especially the area it goes through the bulkhead and any bulkhead wiring connectors.Check there is no tension on the loom pulling on th the connections on the column.Best way to prevent that is securing the loom with plastic ties.Check the indicator relay isnt loose also.Most likely its something simple but not easy to check when youre struggling with a large dash.Are you using the original loom of your own or did the dash come with its own attached?

  • The dash is on hold at the moment, i will get back to it later.
    Started stripping out the back of the bus and its lined with aluminium, any idea if i can just remove it and replace with ply? Or will it be structural? I want to remove it so i can insulate behind it. I got 10 sheets of 70mm kingspan this morning for £100 so im wanting it insulated n ply lined asap. Ive also found about 20 pallets that ive stripped so got all the wood i need to get my furniture built once its insulated.

  • So i got the dash in tonight, got the heater fan working, got the dash completely fitted, clocks in n working everything fitted apart from the radio. Then the van wont start!!! WTF. Dash back out n still nothing, when i was turning the ignition the point where the starter should have kicked into life all that happened was the brake warning light came on. After much arsing about i found a small multi plug had came loose, pluged it back in and donk sprang into life.
    tomorrow night the dash is going back in hopefully for the last time