I need help with my veggie patch please

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  • Hi guys
    I have a small veggie patch in my garden measuring maybe 4 foot by 10 foot? I also have a very small greenhouse (although next year I want to buy a bigger one) ( both are/would be the plastic temporary style ones)
    I have grown spinach, broccoli, broad beans, courgette, and chillis so far with tomatoes, onions and beetroot on the way.
    The broccoli yielded to much, and got hit by caterpillars, spinach was amazing, and we had loads - we froze several portions too, courgettes are a hit , but the plant is very big, tomatoes are ok, but big.
    my point is I am very inexperienced and was wondering if you guys could offer any tips on space efficiency for a patch of this size.
    At the back is a small apple tree, a blueberry bush and a gooseberry bush, these aren't going anywhere we also have a wooden fence next to it that I though I might hang artificial beds for chilli peppers in one and strawberries in the other next season (they are in direct sunlight)
    thanks in advance

  • You can grow some plants in plastic guttering hanging from the roof of your greenhouse. I have Basil and Strawberries growing in guttering from FreeCycle, it seems happy, especially the Basil. You can cascade the guttering, like venetian blinds, to increase growing area. I use wire stripped from armoured cable to support the plastic gutters. Be aware, you need a strong support for multiple gutters, the weight soon adds up.

  • There is a great way to grow salad greens and things, it could be made to work for veg too I think, it's called keyhole garden, maybe you could put a few on there, and they're less work once you have them in place.

  • You Tube "Square Foot Gardening"! I lived in a house with a tiny garden a few years back.I had 4x 1m raised beds and its amazing what you can grow in a small space.