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  • If its the minibus or minicoach variant,theyre usually pretty well insulated already.Depends on whether you want to remove the 'carpet' headlining.You could peel back a n area amd see whats underneath.It may well be bonded to the roof.What are you planming to put on top of insulation? Board it or cladding?

  • Well under this blue stuff is the grey carpet I think, that the coach builders probably put on?

    My original thinking was spray glue bubble wrap all over the roof, then build the cladding frame and fill with either rockwool or the insulation board (with foil?) then to seal it all in wood clading..?

  • That carpet makes good insulation and with all the windows in a minibus it can get prtty cold in winter.Think i.might be inclined to leave some of it amd put the bubble foil on top.
    Id be careful what spray glue you.use.Its got petroleum in it which may react with the carpet or the roof liner underneath.
    Alternatively take the blue carpet off and use sheep wool insulation.

    You van buy the bubble foil insulation in rolls with a self adhesive backing.You just cut to shape, peel off the backing paper and stick.Its got a vapor barrier material then bubbles then foil.You cam buy it in double layer rolls too.

  • Well I am blocking up most of the windows anyway and cladding over them. I think rockwool or insulation board would have better insulating properties than carpet. Prob best I take it offand start from scratch.

  • Ok...id still.leave the liner bonded to tbe fibreglass,its a good barrier.Sheeps wool comes on a roll like rockwool.Has same insulation properties and no itchy fibres.There are synthetic alternatives if youve objections about sheep wool.
    Last van.i had with side windows.I stuck black window film on the window then 2 inches of wool insulation before boarding it and it worked fine.If ylure cladding as well it will be plenty warm.Coldest part is the floor and its worth putting plenty of effort into imsulating that well.