Tv and ther gubbins...

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  • I'm after a 12v tv for my self build. I've got 230AH of batteries and am after something as low power as possible but still half decent! Something that has an inbuilt DVD player and hdmi input. Am also going to need an ariel, I read somebody travel thread on here where they were picking up Welsh tv in Spain or somewhere, is this really possible?!

    Another thing I'm thinking about is a wifi booster, that way I could connect my iPhone to the tv via hdmi and watch Netflix etc. Again, I've no idea what to look for?


  • I'll take your word for it OH, if I end up blind or deaf, it's on you...

    After a quick google they seem really well recommended, a good price too! Now to source an ariel, I take it they need to be roof mounted or could I literally plug one in and sit it next to the window?

  • Wifi - if your any good with technology then a cheap router flashed with dd-wrt set up as a wifi repeater is the way to go. If its wifi for a laptop then an active usb cable and a usb wifi dongle with decent antenna mounted on the roof is the cheap option.

  • I have got a fairly decent sized flat screen that does not eat up vast amounts of leccy and through a convertor,it does not need to be a twelve volt tv.
    It was maybe one of my posts you saw about watching welsh rugby in france via satellite !!

    As long as you get a modern flat tv and keep both the volume and brightess down to a minimum without spoiling the quality too much,they can be quite economical.

    I would recommend that rather than a dvd or video player that you convert any of these onto usb either on a stick or an external hard drive and plug them into your tv. As there are less moving parts,than the prementioned options,you again will save power that way.

    I can not offer you help on the wifi question,apart from recommending you park outside mctwatolds or somewhere else with wifi and profit from that.

    Let us know how you get on with sorting this out xx

  • Wifi isn't mainly for my iPhone and iPad, what's the best route for this?

    Was that a typo and the wifi is for your apple gear?

    Your choices are a cheap router flashed with a custom firmware - cheap (tenner off ebay) but requires a bit of work on your part.

    Off the shelf wifi repeater - expensive (various prices, first one i googled was £150) linky…onal-System/dp/B00LDQ2QU2

    The second one is basically the first one with a simplified gui and ready set up.

    Third option is to offer @aliceswonderland more than i offered him for the one he got the other week!

  • Once I've moved into my horsebox (in July) I'll be trying to get my head around this. I don't want satellite TV or terrestrial, I've become far too accustomed to on demand services I think :). What I've researched so far is.....

    Sony and Samsung T.V's have the lowest wattage's for their size. Around 35w to 40w which is pretty low. And don't they run at around 18v to 20v? I haven't looked into this fully yet, but surely it's possible and more efficient to get a small 12v to 18v invertor and run it from your 12v supply rather than shifting it up to 240v and then back down to 18v.

    And for a media centre that'll download, run and store everything I was looking at a mini PC, something like this…fRID=HTH73KJTDTJS9SWQG6RM. Which runs at 12v and they usually have a lower wattage than your average laptop.

    Then I want to try and get it all hooked up through a 4g MiFi router of some kind.

    Don't know if I'm even remotely on the right track as I have more imminent and essential issues to figure out with my build, but these are the lines I'm looking down.

    On a related issue, the university of Guildford have managed to get a 5g wifi signal to transfer data at a stupidly fast 1 terabyte per second! That would be like, the whole internet downloaded in 5 mins!

  • Yeah, I meant the wifi is mainly for my apple gear. Tempted by the cheap router. Do you mind if I pm you for more information about that?

    You could mate, but i assume that you will be using windows to flash it and if so i cant really help you i dont think.
    The dd wrt forum is really good and i can give you a few links to get you started.

    The repeater is explained here:

    If you are still up for trying it then you need to browse ebay for a supported router, note you will need to contact the seller for the specific model and revision number as some models will work whilst another revision of the same model may not - list here:

    For instance i used a WRT54G - as you can see there are loads of models:…_.28Wireless_a.2Fb.2Fg.29

    This table also lists supply voltage for each model, you ideally want to be looking for a 12v one so you can run it directly off your batteries.
    Handily each model will come with its own flashing instructions, and a link to download the binary by clicking the very right hand column:

    Link to the first router i found on ebay, i cant say it would be suitable - you would have to research it, shown for illustration of prices only:

    Or you can get one preflashed to save you some work - this one seems pretty cheap, you would have to email the seller to ask them if the repeater mode you want is supported and/or the specific model number and check yourself using the dd wrt wiki whether it is:

    If the seller doesnt seem to know then i would give it a miss..

    It all looks quite difficult, i dont think it is really but ive been messing about doing this sort of thing for a while, and using linux which makes it easier. If you decide to go ahead and need any help give me a shout and ill try to help.

    Just thought, if you do decide to go ahead the better router to get is one with two antennas, and ones that are removeable. That way you can install a high gain external antenna for picking up signals further away and have the other antenna inside the van. Its not essential as one antenna will still work. Also if the antenna is not removeable you can crack open the case and solder a plug to the cable to make it so, but it is easier to save yourself the work..

    EDIT: What you should end up with is basically as below. You would connect to the network on the virtual interface by selecting it on your ipad (ie you would see a network called "My Repeater", as you can see at the top right i am connected to it). Then go to the page shown and change the network name in the physical interface to the network that you want to connect to, click the wireless security tab and enter the password for that network.

    A good idea is to name the repeater something less obvious in case others see it and rumble you. "BT access point" or something would work well, otherwise just disable ssid broadcast.

    Right click and select view image for bigness...

  • All down to the quality and gain of your aerial. Range isn't that important as you will still need the password of whatever WiFi network you want to use, but you can certainly park down the road without any issues. Proper directional antenna and line of sight to the router you're range increases significantly

  • Sony and Samsung T.V's have the lowest wattage's for their size. Around 35w to 40w which is pretty low. And don't they run at around 18v to 20v? I haven't looked into this fully yet, but surely it's possible and more efficient to get a small 12v to 18v invertor and run it from your 12v supply rather than shifting it up to 240v and then back down to 18v.

    Yes, it is more efficient and you get more tv for your money, it seems utterly stupid to convert 12 volt DC to 240 volt AC and then run it back through a PS to get it back down to 18ish volt DC again, a 12 volt to 18 volt convert costs 6 quid or so, trouble is tv with remote power supplies are getting rarer, Sony still did a bunch, but their TVs are more expensive, AFAIK all Samsungs now have internal PS, at least the ones I looked at in a shop at the end of last year. If you can spring it, a smart Sony with free view with external PS will give you a high quality domestic Tv and use the least amount of power for the screen size. They can record and play to USB. So rather than having a pile of CDs, just stick all your recorded video onto a USB stick.

    I use 56 Gb sticks, because the menus of contents get massively long otherwise, gives me about 70 hours of video, or 10,000 hours in the space of a shoe box.

    As to boosters, I have a 24DBa wifi booster antenna, it is quite big, it has something like a 20 degree angle, so just roughly near a free wifi connection and you can boost it enough to watch video to about 2 miles away.

  • Re wifi repeater - Found an old buffalo whr-g54s in the loft. Ive flashed it with dd-wrt version v24 sp2 build 14896.
    Haven't played too much with it, but it should work as a repeater as you want. It has a removable aerial but the power adaptor puts out 3.3vdc so would require some sort of adaptor to use it from a car battery. I believe matt (realnutter) is our resident electronic circuitry expert...

    Donation of at least a tenner to the forum its yours, I'll cover the postage which will cost you a beer when i catch you at some point..