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  • ma never said what she use dthe flag for.^^

    I did not use the flag as bum wipe , I am not a total hooligan !!!

    It was a very long time ago , but I spent a winter parked up where if I wanted to visit my best mate it was a good few miles walk , cut down to about 4 if I walked by the crowflies which at 3 or 4 am was not undoable if you were out of your head enough as it was quite countryfied and you were not too worried about free range dogs at the breakers yard you had to pass by. The golf course crossing was more or less the final stretch home . I did not like the golf course people as they were being nasty , same as chap that owned the 'fishing lake'.

    I was thinking maybe a poo might be coming up , and at the time , I had a toilet out side my trailer , affectionatly known as the 'turdis ' , it was baisicly 4 doors and a pallet. I loved that loo , but where I was parked up , it was tricky and a bit sensative , I only had 2 neighbours , one was some Romanies that had their own land . I was next to them , but other side of the lane was a policeman , who had already nearly lost his job for harrasing the travellers . When I turned up on the unfenced field straight across the tiny lane he went a bit funny , and later threatened me with a stilson , that is the reason I did not like going in the 'turdis for more than a piss , as he could of run across the road and pushed it over . He as often not at work as he got a lot of garden leave .

    TBH , everytime anyone has suggested a 'good ' park up , they have had hidden agendas , LOL

    Trade secret

  • I am shamed for insinuating you may have used the flag and for casting aspertions on your status as a lady.:surrenderPlease dont knock me teeth out,I know what you mean by agendas.Thankfully you made it to Bungo acres,your lovely cowboy and your beauty salon behind mintys stable.Something similiar happened to me,like the golfcourse, but with a worse outcome.:eek:Cant say due to my street cred.:whistle: