Keep the coal fires burning

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  • The Trump one has just signed a new executive order pretty much rescinding everything Obama did to help in the fight against global warming. Restrictions on coal mining will be lifted very soon if he gets his way. The Paris agreement means jack shit to him! A court case brought by environmental agencies will follow very soon hopefully. This maniac has to be stopped in his tracks now!!!!

  • In 1981/2 I received a phone call while underground in a coal mine. I was alone in a brand new 2000 metre tunnel, one of two tunnels running in parallel to each other. Tram lines were in, communications and mains power installed. All inspections passed. Within few months the two tunnels would have been joined up at their outermost point and all coal in between the tunnels would be removed as the mining equipment retreated to the start of the tunnels. My job was to check and pass signalling communications and certify it for use. Telephones, emergency signalling, tannoy system. I arrive on site around 7.45am and was told to lock off all electrical 3,300 volt switch gear. They were closing down the face and headings. Shortly afterwards the tunnels were blocked off and sealed up to prevent gas escape.

    This was a government incentive to downsize our UK coal industry Nation wide. At the time we had a flag flying outside the main offices. It was the first time in the history of that colliery that a million tones of coal had been mined within a period of time.
    Now you would think that such a profitable enterprise that was clearly making Hugue progress would be supported and even exploited. But it wasn't. Much needed Mining materials were suddenly not being ordered and delivery to the coal face slowed right down.
    Management reasured the miners that the closure of these unused developments were now being mothballed for future mining, when energy supply would be in greater demand.
    Many pits closed prematurely through out the UK following the 1994/5 miners strike when McGregger came over from America to show our then Government how the Americans were playing it. Coal reserves locked securely away for the future, our future. These actions were not part of some unforeseen climate change agenda. America has vast coal fields, American like much of the EU was flooded with cheap USSR coal, 'dirty coal' by UK standards, but cheap enough to ship accross the world to be stock piled and burnt later.

    America had a young mining industry by UK standards, one not Nationalised to the same level as the UK. Corners cut, accidents plenty and disaster often. Before Obama, the USA coal industry was getting much the same treatment as our British mines. Reduce output, increase imports, use alternatives, cheap oil etc.

    Opening up new mines, increasing coal production has always been a favourable option once the dirty coal increased in cost or is reduced in supply or threatened.
    Coal can be used for many industries and manufacturing processes. Not just to warm our feet by or generate electricity.

    If Trump does increase USA coal production, it will reduce imported coal and probably supply more coal to the rest of the world, including UK. It may not be the cleanest coal like the UK coal. But it will be no worse than Russian coal that we take delivery of weekly.
    Are we to say that coal mined in Russia is less polluting than coal mined in the States? Or would you prefer coal to stay in the ground. Electrical energy be generated more from gas, oil, Nuclear, while we bit and bob with small ventures of wind, wave, solar?
    We like America have a choice. Safeguard against Russian threats to cut off gas and coal supplies to the U.K. or Europe or any other Country is falls out with or look to being self supplying just incase. Trump will have been told of energy threats and the potential for Russia to pull the plug should Putin not work with Trump. Trump needs to maintain Americas power stations for industry. The UK is fked. If Russia won't supply, if America won't Supply the UK we are 20 years mining development in front of us before we can meet our own energy needs from coal. Just about the time the last if our gas runs out. Governments don't just plan for their elected term. They look at a bigger picture. Yes coal is not good for the Ozone. Agreed. So switch off your electricity and stop contributing. America has the investment to install scrubbing plants in their power stations. We chose to build nuclear with the French and Chinese because we have no love for fossil fuel or investing in cleaning technology for its use. In the next 30 years we have some choice, Russian or American coal or all out nuclear.

  • i was only a miner but iam sure they could burn coal clean mggie did not shut the pits to keep the air fresh she did for revenge you will get coal cheaper from abroad when there is very little safety or you workforce starts at 11 year old

  • The coal industry in Australia is nothing like it ever was in the UK. Here it is all open cast mining. I have seen one of these coal trains. It had to be hauled by four locomotives.That gives you an idea of how long it was. I have read there are 68 hoppers each holding 100 tones of coal .