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  • Sorry if this is in wrong place..

    About four weeks ago I saw a family of Otters in the brook just up the lane. At that time the river was swollen and fast moving and I am guessing they travelled up the brook to get away from it (the brook runs down to river).

    I learned yesterday that work is about to begin at the end of the month to build a new road bridge and culvert just a stones throw from the old one on the lane and the lane will be diverted on a permanent basis so any traffic from over the river can have access to the town. This has been ongoing for some time as we were flooded in 2012 from the brook and the culvert not being big enough and debris building up.

    Now I dont know if these otters were just travelling or whether they live in the brook .. it has been said they have been seen (and heard) down by the river...

    Should I report their sightings to the relevant people and if so, who are the relevant people?

    Thanks :)