Plant Based Athlete - Snacking and Recovery

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  • Hey Everyone😀

    I'm an athlete and need some ideas and tips! I have been a cross country and athletics runner for 9 years now, I train 7 days a week for running, and take part in a yoga and ballet class once a week aswell💃

    I eat ALOT! But I'm struggling to find ideas for snacks? My favourite is making raw date and cashew bars! And fruit and vegetable smoothies with spirulina, wheat grass, rice protien, boabab powder, hemp seeds and all sorts of other magical foods.

    What I'm looking for is any ideas for quick and easy snacks, meals, raw filling foods, smoothie ideas or quick energy and protien fixes! What do you do to recover from exercising?

    Look forward to any ideas😊


  • Im a bodybuilder what works for me beans , tvp , nuts [treat only] soya milk veg , don't over do it on carbs but as you run oats mixed with nuts and dryed fruit .

    nut brittle a sweet I had as a kid its toffie and nuts.

    let us know how you get on .