Insurance tips for Europe in a converted van

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  • Hi everyone!

    I'm trying to figure out the best insurer to get the (still sadly not quite purchased) van to Europe, for up to 6 months.

    I am at the beginning of my journey so pardon my ignorance, but to buy the van, in its unconverted transity state, you would have to insure the van as a... van?

    Would it have to stay insured as a van for the year before declaring it a motor home with the DVLA and all that?

    Is that necessary? I've heard its cheaper and I'm 22 so insurance is crazy expensive so i'm trying to keep as many costs down as possible.

    And back to the first question- travel insurance for anything over 2 months seems to get really complicated, and I really want to get out of this cold!

    Long and boring question but if anybody has experience or tips I'd love to hear them!!


  • Hi there Sunshine Annie
    I find Adrian Flux motor insurance is quite good. they can recover your van from anywhere in UK and Europe and take you right back to a garage of your choice. I also think they have great customer care and answer the phone with a human voice usually within 3 minutes.

    Also they can insure your van as a conversion project. Ive got my van insured as project in progress. There is also no stipulation with Adrian flux as to when the project of van conversion will be completed, meaning i could have it insured like this for years.
    This gets you legally around the rule of having to declare to dvla that its a camper van or motor home etc.

    As for travel insurance - You can sometimes get free or very cheap travel insurance with your bank. other than that all i can suggest is shop around a bit. Hope this helps

  • The standard thing to do is buy campervan insurance and the insurance company gives you typically 90 days to finish your conversion and reregister as a motorcaravan. However, your age may prohibit you from getting campervan insurance and you may have to settle for insuring it as a van with windows. It may even be better to get a large car such as a people carrier and convert it but I'm not sure, something to think about.

  • The standard thing to do is buy campervan insurance and the insurance company gives you typically 90 days to finish your conversion .

    90 days? Who are you insured with Cartman?
    Ive been told i can take as long as like on my conversion. Adrian Flux