Home in the woods??

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  • We've also started looking at staying at residential campsites. We wouldn't mind moving around these if they are in the vicinity of Bristol for the time being. Is anyone doing that? And then we can always go off to our own land when we fancy. This would give us a chance to iron out any issues with the conversion as well, somewhere where there is fixed electric and water.

    If youre in -or join- the Camping and Caravaning club or Caravan Club you can use either clubs CL or CS sites (certified site or certified location) theyre small member only sites of a max 5 caravans or motorhomes, on farms usually and theyre generally cheaper than the main sites. Im on one at present its £6 a night as opposed to the general rate on many sites of £16 a night. Theres electric hookup if i want it plus water and waste/garbage disposal point.Some have more like laundry or shop.
    Im in the CCC and its £37 a year for digital membership (no paper club magazine) so well worth having for access to the member only sites.I dont know what the Carsvan Club charges as i left that club some years ago .If I had just a van it wouldnt really be necessary but trying to park up anywhere not on a dite with a trailer just invites trouble almost instantly.

    You can also try looking on http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/ there are thousands of sites listed,some are club sites some independents some council listed sites.
    Out of those you should be able to find something in your area of interest.