Bonzo Dog Doo Dah

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  • Thanks for the heads up, I would have missed it. And it's available for a while on the BBC iplayer radio app too.
    It's a repeat of a programme made a couple of years ago, "English as tuppence"

    I was very fortunate to see Vivian Stanshall perform Rawlinson Dogends, and other of his stuff at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London in 1991. Brilliantly chaotic. I seem to recall the other band members never got paid as Stanshall has already spent all the money.

    Some of the former Bonzos are still active, sporadically..... Bonzo Bills are performing this Sunday at The Bull's Head, Barnes, London. ( and again later this year).

    Sadly, I haven't got the time or the dosh for a 300 mile round trip to see them play.

  • Spent all the money on drink, presumably. I saw him in his latter years at Norwich Waterfront, and he was good. Neil Innes turned up on the radio earlier this year, another repeat from some years ago. He was good live too, but may have retired now.

  • I had the good fortune to enjoy the remaining and reconstituted Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band just before Christmas. They had spent a week rehearsing in Norfolk before doing a pre-tour gig in Blakeney. Only Rodney Slater and Bob Kerr were in the band that night from the original/early line-ups (although the membership of the band was always a little fluid). I had a chance to have a good long chat with each of them. I think Bob said that "Legs" Larry Smith and Vernon Dudley Bowhay-Nowell hadn't made it to the rehearsals, but were planning on turning up for the actual tour! I had a ticket for the tour when they were due to play in Chatham. Unfortunately the theatre closed before they played the gig - sounding very much like a typical piece of Bonzo bad luck.

    I would love to have seen some of the art school days performances. Sadly, all I saw were their weekly contributions to "Do Not Adjust Your Set" on television in the 60s and some time later a gig by "The Bonzo Dog Freaks" which, according to the Bob Carruthers' book, "Jollity Farm" featured both Viv Stanshall and Neil Innes. Vivian Stanshall was clearly memorable as front man, but I don't remember seeing Neil Innes in that band although that doesn't mean he wasn't there. The only other person I remember seeing that night was Bubs White.

    Thanks for the notice about this programme, 2Wheels. I haven't heard it yet but look forward to doing so.

  • The name always brings back memory of this one :beard: but at the back of my mind he was in some tv programme doing his thing but can't remember which.

    Got that on 7" with Canyons of the Mind on the B-Side. "Sweet essence of giraffe" :D

  • Sadly never got to see them live, but I remember them well from Do Not Adjust Your Set. I was fortunate enough though to see Bob Kerrs' Whoopee Band at the 100 club in about 1980? They were superb, an absolute riot. Vernon Dudley was on top form, as was Biff, and I can't remember all the other names, there were so many! Brilliant and sadly largely unrecorded performances. I've never seen so many props on one stage! Biff at one point started furiously leafing through the music in front of him and throwing pages away at the audience in disgust (whilst trying to catch up with everyone else). We managed to grab a page, and it wasn't music at all, it was all in german. Mad, and brilliant.