Losing weight safely and permanently

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  • Ok Hippies, what are your thoughts and experiences about long term weight loss?
    People I have seen lose weight generally tend to relapse and sooner or later put some if not all of it back on.
    I've always been what you could call stocky, but over the last couple of years I've turned into a shape and size I just don't like anymore and I want to loose a big chunk of it. Realistically I'd want to lose 4 stones or more.
    How do I go about this in a healthy way that will keep the weight off long term?
    I'm not looking for instant results, I just want to put myself in a healthier position and hopefully I'll feel better about looking in the mirror in a year or so, as well as actually feeling better.
    I know the two main problems for me are over eating and a lack of exercise, but assuming I can address these, what else can I do to help me keep on track permanently?
    I'm open to food suggestions, simple exercise tips, whatever advice you have to offer.
    What foods can I eat that will healthily give me a full feeling? I'm open to all suggestions from all dietary walks of life. I'm currently omnivorous but that can change if it will help.

    Thanks folks,
    I'll pop back to this thread every now and then when I get chance.

    It's no use shouting about who's to blame, when all that counts is how to change...

  • I could have written exactly this, same problem and I'm aiming to lose some as well having been advised to by my doc. :beard:
    I'm aiming down the simple food diet once I've got rid of most of my stores. More veg, more fruit and smaller portions of meat. Sourcing for one is a pain in the arse and of late I've started freezer bagging / splitting perishables such as mince, fish etc. and stocking the freezer comp so I have smaller portions. (Saw the black model cook doing it, flattening the meat as thin as possible, easier to store / defrost)

  • Try to cut down on sugar in all forms,more than 2grams a day is to much ,,look on the packet of anything you eat,if sugars is listed in the first five ingredients its to much,your body stores to much blood sugar ,in fat cells for future use..a bit of honey is ok.
    Secondly cut out wheat it has a starch(glucose) substance called amylopectin
    One slice of bread can equall one tablespoon of sugar.
    If you need more help feel free to p.m me,i have been a nutritional adviser for ten years....taz

  • Very simple advice - eat when hungry - listen to your body it knows what you need - no food off limits, because when you deprive yourself you set up a binge/feed cycle, over time you will naturally go towards healthier foods and if you have a sweet tooth it will lessen when you make all food equal.

    Stay hydrated, make sure you drink plenty of water etc.

    And exercise, just move, do the pursuits you love like walking, cycling, swimming, gardening etc you don't need to join a gym.

    With everything the best advice is to keep it simple and DIETS DON'T WORK.

  • Simple answer do more eat less.....You dont have to be a serious gym bunny or stop eating too much of what you like or go on radical diets.Many diets arent that good or dont work at all or too tedious and people give up.Boring diets that leave you feeling hungry are a great incentive to give up.

    Ive been lucky i guess as i cycled and rowed often competitively so ive never had a weight issue and nearly always eaten properly and tge right things and researched what i was eating and what was good or not so good for me.
    Its surprisingly easy to gain weight and become unhealthy without really noticing it until suddenly youre seriously overweight but its not difficult to reverse the trend if youre determined to.
    Cut out the highly processed foods in your diet and replace with fresh ingredients.Eat meat and fish (if you do) with veggies instead of buying ready meals in tins or packets.Keep portions sensible dont pile up your plate.
    Eat more fresh fruit and salad.Cut down on or cut out completely bread its hugely fattening and replace with pasta,rice,.Cut down on or cut out potatoes just eat meat and a bigger selection of veggies.Bake some of the veggies in the oven for added flavor.Cut out cakes sweets chocolates puddings as a routine and save for a once a week treat.
    Cut out most common sugary cereals and replace with meusli or granola or porridge and keep portions moderate.They will keep you going longer than stuff like cornflakes and sugar puffs etc because they take longer to digest over several hours whereas cornflakes or similar cereal digest in a couple of hours and youre hungry and need to eat again.
    Buy a variety of nuts and dried fruit and eat a few as a small snack when youre feeling hungry.Fills your hungry feeling up and keeps you going for hours
    Cut out tins of carbonated drinks like coke and squashes and jylust drink cartons of fresh juice like cranberry orange pomegranate or flavoured water.

    As for exercise it really depends on what you like doing but walking 35 mile a week (5 mile a day ) will lose you a pound a week of fatty tissue.More exercise loses more weight in general.
    Building up core muscle groups in your thighs buttocks chest arms shoulders stomach will burn fat off much quicker.The greater the muscle mass the more energy they require which they will take from fat stores around tge body so look for some simple exercise that will build those muscles.(squats ,stepping,push-ups,pullups,abdominal crunches for starters that you can do at home (no gym required).
    Most importantly and what most people dont do...drink at least 2 litres of plain water a day.Being properly hydrated not only helps you feel more energetic and less tired but helps you lose weight and clear toxins.

    Just a sidenote one of my colleagues was 23 stone and needed an op but the surgeon wouldnt operate until her weight was down to safe limits so she asked me what to eat so i wrote her a suggested list of foods and she simply ate fruit for breakfast,a sandwich box full of salad (tomatoes cucu peppers etc in virgin olive oil dressing and herbs pepper )for lunch and evening dinner of meat or fish plus veggies but no potatoe.Occasionally some cheese and fruit or scrambled egg and dried fruit and nuts for a health snack now and then.She drank fruit juice or black tea or coffee.No bread
    She lost 8 stone in 6 months...then she had her op and contnued with the eating regime and lost another 5 stone in 8 months.She did no more exercise than go a 2 mile walk everyday and swimming once a week.The main thing she enjoyed about changing the way she ate was that she ate healthier than she was and was never hungry or bored with the food which was an encouragement to stick with it.

  • I lost about a stone when we moved into the van, basically from having to walk more.
    I eat like a horse so diets are just not for me. I am nobody's idea of a stick insect even now, but thin is not what I want to be, nor am I meant to be.
    Recently I wombled a step counter, and found I regularly do 20,000 steps a day.

  • I lost about a stone when we moved into the van, basically from having to walk more.
    I eat like a horse so diets are just not for me. I am nobody's idea of a stick insect even now, but thin is not what I want to be, nor am I meant to be.
    Recently I wombled a step counter, and found I regularly do 20,000 steps a day.

    All those good turns you keep doing....

  • You really do have to except responsibility for what you put in your mouth. See the small repetitive snacks, drinks etc. include the calorific content of these mouth sized snacks in your assumed daily calorie intake. Your target is to either eat less than you burn or burn more than you eat. I wish my truck ran on chocolate like a human body can convert chocolate to energy. We are so privileged to have so much choice of cheap available food types, that overtime we have learnt to abuse it. If your serious, your GP may direct you to a well mans clinic. Support can make such a difference if a person can't find the drive to control within themselves.

  • Exercise more eat less , jobs a good un ! Or eat the same , but exersise even more , don't have to be strenuous ,walking is the best , you use the same calories if you run a mile or walk it , one is just quicker , but the running will stress your body more . I think ?
    I am fatter than I have ever been , but I am happy , except when I have to tie shoe laces , so I wear wellys and enjoy my grub .

    Maybe your doc can give best advice ?

  • Thanks for all the replies, you've given me a few great ideas so far.

    The problem I've got is time. Not enough hours in the day to get everything I want done. Work takes up on average 13-14 hours of my day, monday-friday, and a good 5-6 hours of that are spend stuck behind the wheel. The rest isn't particularly active either. I used to really enjoy hillwalking and racked up 15-20 miles a week, still got the toned legs to prove it just the rest of me is sadly out of sync! Work has taken over my mid week time, and weekends are usually playing catch-up with stuff i've missed.

    Here's an average day for me.
    I'll start the day off with a big bowl of muslei, with about half a pint of skimmed milk.
    This I see as well, I could be eating a lot worse things, but I know my portion size is too big. I'll start cutting this down in the morning. That's an easy one to get the ball rolling.
    Then I'll spend the next couple of hours driving to where I need to be. Generally, I won't eat anything until lunch time, but I will have a couple of cups of tea with a sweetener at customers, or a bottle of pop in the morning. It's always a bottle of diet something or other, as I don't like the taste of the full sugar versions. Never have done. I know this is still a bad habit, it's just done out of convenience really. I really should swap this out for a bottle of water. I'll look into this tomorrow too.
    Lunchtime is where things start to really go wrong. I try to stay away from fast food outlets, but the alternative is supermarket sandwiches. Usually two packets (four slices of bread) and a bag of crisps, with the rest of the pop to wash it down. I try to go for brown bread, with a good quantity of veg on there.
    Again, I won't eat anything more til i'm back home from work, which can be anything up to 8pm. I'll finish off the pop on the way home. When I do get in i'll either make some more sandwiches or my speciality tinned food combo... This is usually a tin of potatoes, mixed veg, and stewed steak all thrown in together to make a kind of stew. Again, mainly bad due to the oversized portion, and the processed ingredients. The time i'm eating my evening meal isn't helping either. I can't really change this much, as if I stop off to eat i'll be even later getting home.
    I'll then have a shit/shower and shave, chill out for an hour or so to wind down, and fall asleep, waking up with the alarm at 6am.
    Not great, but I actually really like my job, as it suits my reclusive need for my own space and don't want to change this.

    Actually, reading back what I've just put down is pretty embarrassing. I think I need to give myself a huge kick up the arse and get this shit sorted out.

    Plan for tomorrow.
    Reduced portion of muesli for breakfast.
    Bottle of still/fizzy water for in the car. ( i like the bubbles!)
    A tray of pasta/salad bowl type thing for lunch with more water to wash it down with.
    Some more water through the afternoon/evening.
    And some baked beans on brown toast with a glass of pure orange juice for tea.

    I'll have to pick supplies up on the fly though as i'm not prepared just yet, but i'll report back and let you all know how I got on.
    Gotta make a start somewhere, and right now that means just under 6 hours sleep...

    It's no use shouting about who's to blame, when all that counts is how to change...

  • That really doesn't sound like enough to keep a kid growing, nevermind a working adult. Are you missing out something? Beer? Sweets? Biscuits? Cake? Cecreams? More soft drinks? Fresh fruit juice? You can remove some added to tins and pre made food. But it really does seem odd to gain weight on that limited intake. Do yourself a mileage challenge. For every ten mile unobstructed driving. (No getting lost, lights on green as you "will" them to be on your arrival, for every ten miles driven well and to time you aim for and achieve) pull over in a safe place. Do yourself 50 cab climb-ins fast. Either from ground to cab seat or floor to lorry deck. Do press ups, sit ups, etc. Anything that suits but takes from your body. Start low. Build up to 100. Aim to stop ten times a shift. Drive carefully my friend and drive well. your leading a better life than most, now your just refining it.

  • If thats what youre actually eating and getting overweght on it youre overeating for the amount of activity you do and your metabolism plus your pretty underactive.Neither of which is good for you.

    You should at least find time to do 20 mins vigorous exercise a day even if its a fast walk round your local area.
    From whst youve said id say immediately youre eating too much bread mostly,at least for your level of general activity and you dont need to consume thst much.
    Id switch your daily lunch to pasta salads or prawn salads tuna anything thats a mix of proten and salad. Dump the crisps and eat a couple of apples or something fruity you like.

    Alternatively an ounce of mixed nuts and dried fruit.(You can buy packs of nuts and fruit and mix your own at home and take a small container out to work ) almonds pecans walnuts cashews brazils sultanas or currants. trust me a small portion of those will keep your stomach occupied for hours far better than crisps or bread will and theyre better for you.

    If you have a portion of protein like tuna prawns or meat cheese or egg that will ensure you dont get hungry through the afternoon.You really dont need all the carbs from bread as well.

    More sandwiches at home..youre just piling on the carbs lol. dump the evening sandwiches especially after 6pm.
    Make an omelette or grill some fish it will take 10 mins.

    If youre eating tinned veg you dont need to eat the whole tin of each one.You can use half of each tin of veg and put the rest in the fridge for the following day so your plate isnt piled up high.Buy some proper meat or chicken or fish.It will take you half an hour to cook and be better for you than a tin of stewed steak.

    If you dont have time in the week make sure you do so at a weekend so youre eating quality food some of the time not tinned processed foodstuff.Its better that you use fresh veg but if you prefer tinned use the veg not the water theyre in.Its usually high in salt and sugar.Dont have puddings or sweet .

    You say you spend an hour winding down after evening meal...why cant you go for a walk for 20 mins then wind down ? instead of vegging on the settee? or go for a walk while your meat is cooking.?

    Also what difference does it make if you eat out for evening meal occasionally (something healthy) instead of rushing home to eat unhealthily.? because youd be home slightly later? does it matter if you wouldnt be cooking?

    Your eating habits arent bad but you are eating too much for your lifestyle and the wrong things.
    If you address that and do a little more exercise you should start to see your weight reduce over the months without much major change to your life...but id make an effort to rekindle your hiking time.You may enjoy work but youre missing out on some quality YOU time unwinding outdoors because you wont address the need.Do it, youll feel loads better and improve your health.

  • I was never by any means fat,but 18 months ago I was 96 kilo's,which albeit I am fairly broad in the shoulders and well built from the physical work that I do,but however,I did have a bit of a belly and was not feeling comfortable with where I was at.
    For many years I could eat and drink what I wanted and it did not matter as it would not show,but over the last few years metabolism and me have fallen out some.

    Excercise was not and is not a problem as if I am not in work,I am stomping around mountain sides,walking around lakes and swimming,not to mention dog walks. My problems was too much snacking,especially in the evening where I may watch a film or a series on the computer. I have always believed in do what you want when you want,and that can be quite detrimental when you have a cupboard full of biscuits,cake,crisps etc.

    18 months on and I am now 78 kilo's and looking quite trim. Not skinny by any means,and a tiny bit around the tum still left,but that has almost gone and I am hoping to tighten it back up with a few sit ups morning and night. Not many,just twenty a time,and that helps.

    What did I do to make the change-

    I limited myself to how many nice snacks I bought in the shop,so once they were gone,I would wait a few days until I went back,meaning a few days without eating crap.
    Salt is a big thing with regards to weight,so I started buying things with reduced salt levels in them.
    Bread I buy probably 80 percent less now and will just have the ingredients of that sandwich with no bread,making it a mini salad.
    I have salads as my main meal a few times a week now in the winter and most days in the summer.*
    I drink less beer than I did and prefer to have time off it,so I can indulge myself a bit more when the international rugby tests are on.

    It is all about being aware of how much excerise you are getting and how much crap you eat between meals,which should be healthy meals. If you are feeling peckish between meals and really feel like you need an energy hit from some food,then make it a piece of fruit in place of a piece of cake.

    We can achieve anything we want if we put our minds to it,it just depends on how much you want to do it !!

    You feel feel so much better mentally and physically if you do put in the effort,so get off your big bum and make it happen :D

    good luck xx

  • Just run back down from the other side of the garden where I am repairing the old steps as I remembered a very good tip-

    If you have to drive to the supermarket,hardware store or wherever,always park in the furthest corner of the parking as those few extra steps that you have to make do make a difference :thumbup:

    Less chance of someone dinging your car with their door over there too !

  • I lost a stone and a half when i had some stomach problems. Gave up pop, lager and bread mainly. Obviously beer is full of calories, but i would have 2 or 3 sandwiches a day at work.

    Now i buy the best of both aldi tortilla wraps and their lighter than light mayonnaise. An acceptable sandwich substitute can be made by using these meaning your losing the bread and butter/marge. The one thing i did find was that the mayo makes the wrap soggy if you leave it a while, but i put a couple of pieces of ham in with the mayo in between so that only the ham is touching the wrap which keeps it drier.

    For evening meals i eat like a horse, twice as much as my missus but am still 10.5ish stone. Also eat biscuits etc but not loads. Maybe its a faster metabolism, i was always skinny as a kid?

    One other thing to consider, i work in a chilled factory - maybe a lot of that energy is used to keep me warm, i dont feel that cold there? You could try turning the heater down or opening a window so you are a little bit cold - i dont knoiw, it might help...

  • Being cold definetly uses a lot of calories up just keeping warm .

  • I lost a stone and a half when i had some stomach problems. Gave up pop, lager and bread mainly. Obviously beer is full of calories, but i would have 2 or 3 sandwiches a day at work.

    Fruit is full of sugar too. And carrots. And most yoghurt.

    There was a fashionable diet a few years back called the Atkins diet after the New York doctor who popularised it (and was fat as a pig, one of his patients told me!). You don't hear about it much these days and Atkins has croaked (accident). But it worked big time for someone I knew, and at the time (mid 90s) I was overworked, overstressed and overweight. Heart attack waiting to happen. So I tried it an the weight fell off. Then one day I had to move some building materials, that's when I discovered that with the weight my strength had gone too. Presumably my muscle was being absorbed as well as my fat.

    Nowadays I use carbs (even sugar) for fuel when needed but not otherwise.

  • I know what's. Doing it, and you can't avoid it in your job.
    Sitting down. Your metabolism slows when you sit down.
    I rarely sit down, even to eat. With driving it's unavoidable.
    Time was when truck drivers had to actually drive, Also they had to unload. Now it's all semi auto gearbox and power steering and fork lifts.

  • Don't you think it is odd that we just don't listen to our bodies when it comes to food and hunger, all the brainwashing from the media and food stuff companies has had a massive affect on our bodies.

    When we are tired we go to sleep, we listen to our bodies when we feel ill or when we need to go to the bathroom, but we let outside influences dictate how, when and what we eat.

    How many of us eat breakfast when we are not hungry and we buy tasteless cardboard cereals and eat them in the morning because we are told too.

    Go back to basics, and listen to the cues your body gives you, are you hungry in the morning if so what do you fancy that particular morning, I am sure you don't fancy muesli every morning, if you are not hungry in the morning take some food with you and eat it when you are, take a selection of food in containers and when hunger strikes you will be able to satisfy it and then get on with your day.

    It may sound daunting to rely on your body to tell you what it wants, but it will and you have to trust it, eat what you want, when you are hungry and when your body has had enough stop, and then don't eat again until you are hungry again. You need to look at the food your are eating, in terms of the quality of it, you are feeding your body so much sugar - sweetener, bottles of pop, shop bought sandwiches, tinned veg/pots and tinned meat, all full of sugar. With a bit of organisation you can sort improve your diet, I would really say stop relying on crap food and buy better quality food, take responsibility for the food you are putting in your mouth, you only have one body.

    Diets don't work and we really need to wake up to that fact, they are designed to make you fatter and the diet companies don't want you to lose weight permanently and most people never do, it all about generating billions for the diet industry. How many people keep going back to companies like slimming world, they lose weight, than they stop going to the weekly sessions, put the weight back on and some more, then they feel really bad about themselves, so they rejoin the slimming club and the cycle starts all over again, they didn't fail the diet failed them because it is unsustainable.

    Eat when you are hungry, what your body wants and stop when you are full, the only natural way to lose weight permanently and get back to your natural weight.

  • I learned this very early in my life, Dolly. I watched my mother trying one diet after another, even though she was in no way overweight, she did not fit into the idealised woman even then being pushed at us as to how we should look/act/be.

    I could see that she was the same body shape and type as those of her family who survived the war; and I also saw how her body shape changed in the same way theirs did, as she grew older. I learned that mirrors and scales are little more to a woman than another form of enslavement. Your are less than/uglier than/older than . . . and are therefore not worthy. And it's your fault. Buy into this nightmare and it ruins your life, frankly.

    I'm one of five sisters and the only one who didn't have scales or bother about eating set foods at set times. I know more than I need to about nutrition and if I spent a day, or even two or three days gorging on chocolate; I didn't worry because the chances are that I would not eat anything much for days afterwards.

    I ran or cycled everywhere and for a couple of years competed successfully in triathlons.

    My sisters all went down the diet route, but when we all hit menopause we all turned into carbon copies of our fat, elderly relatives.

    My sisters still try to control how they look with what they eat, and will feel guilty if they eat something they believe us wrong. The guilt stops them from enjoying it, so they get the "naughtiness" and calories but none of the pleasure. This tends to make them eat more of the same, quickly and furtively which increases their self loathing.

    It saddens me that this is the reality for so many people, and that it is deliberately designed to happen by a huge, parasitic industry which feeds off our unhappiness.

    Me? These days I'm fat and I don't give a hoot.

  • Fruit is full of sugar too. And carrots. And most yoghurt.

    There was a fashionable diet a few years back called the Atkins diet after the New York doctor who popularised it (and was fat as a pig, one of his patients told me!). You don't hear about it much these days and Atkins has croaked (accident). But it worked big time for someone I knew, and at the time (mid 90s) I was overworked, overstressed and overweight. Heart attack waiting to happen. So I tried it an the weight fell off. Then one day I had to move some building materials, that's when I discovered that with the weight my strength had gone too. Presumably my muscle was being absorbed as well as my fat.

    Nowadays I use carbs (even sugar) for fuel when needed but not otherwise.

    All vegetables and fruit have sugars in them thats why you dont need to add sugar in your diet if youre eating sufficient veg and fruit.Veg and fruit contains between 10 to 15 % sugars on aversge ((3 to 4 g in an apple which is nothing ) but theyre not highly refined sugars.
    The body also requires sugars to function.Your entire nervous system within your brain and spinal cord is bathed in a glucose fluid medium and cannot function if it gets too low in concentration(or too high)Your muscles need glucose for energy but all the bodys rewlquirements can normally be found from fruit and veg and some carb foods like bread rice or pasta in moderate amounts without supplementing with excess mounts of carbs by over consuming or eating high sugar.foods.
    Theres nothing wrong with eating bread or lots of carbs if your metabolism is such that it deals with them and you stay slim.Some people have a relatively slow metabolism and take much longer to digest food and store more in fatty tissue.The OP appears to be of that group.
    He simply needs to recognise hes consuming more than his body needs and vary that....and take more exercise. People also eat routinely when they dont need to which just compounds the problem.

    The Atkins diet does work -initially - because it is designed to starve the body of carbs so the body begins to break down fat stores rapidly to mobilise the and convert into glucose.The conversion process through the livers functions in it self uses energy so its a pretty effective way of initially losing weight.The problem is its just a trick you are playing on the body and there comes a tipping point when the body can no longer mobilise what it needs from fat stores so it turns to dismantling muscle tissue to sustain its systems and that is not a viable option of survival for the body.Its a dangerous diet if carried on extensively as Mr Atkins found out.
    Non of the peddled wonder diets work and people are wasting their money using them.All thats required is to eat sensible amounts of un processed food with no extra salt or sugar and take sufficient exercise.A simple balance between fuel vs work (exercise) as you know Not really rocket science but for some people it seems it is.Some people spend their entire lives on diets (one of my friends does) and get nowhere because she cant accept she has to permanently eat less stop.pigging on treats and regularly do exercise...not just for a few weeks a year when the weathers nice and she wants to wear summer clothes.

  • Nothing wrong with treats,as long as they are just that. A little treat to reward your efforts isnt a bad thing if it is done sensibly.

    Everything in moderation.

    That sounds like soooo much bollox when I say it,but it is a good piece of advice !

  • There is a benefit from eating the first meal or first drink because it kick starts the body but you dont absolutely need to eat breakfast dinner tea at fixed intervals as weve been indoctrinated into.It may have been important for people years ago working heavy manual work from 5 in morning to 5 or 6 at night but its not ne essary for most people these days.
    Personally i get up earlyish and have my breakfast 3 hours later around 10 am...I probably dont eat again until 6 or 7 at night when im in the mood.
    I usually have something substantial for breakfast so i never feel hungry normally.
    Ive ever really understood the insistence on the ritual 3 meals a day...it harks back to good old nanny state public service broadcasts when patronising posh ladies and gentlemen informed the lower classes how to live correctly.
    Like you i firmly believe you should eat when you feel hungry and sleep when youre tired thats what i do.Diets are a complete waste of time and money and people shouldnt overly obsess if theyre a little over the normal weight range for their age height but if people wa t to lose weight then thers only one way...do more eat less.

  • Rule of thumb I believe is the faster you loose it the more likely it will come back , and with interest if you are unluckly . Drink lots of water before a meal if you can , you will feel full sooner , do not have such large portions , and then if you feel hungry wait 20 minutes , you may have stopped feeling hungry by then . If you have limmited time to exersise do it with a pack with a few kilos in , you will burn more calories.

  • Nothing wrong with treats,as long as they are just that. A little treat to reward your efforts isnt a bad thing if it is done sensibly.

    Everything in moderation.

    That sounds like soooo much bollox when I say it,but it is a good piece of advice !

    No there isnt but its a lot about attitude to food and consuming it thats important.50+ years ago people ate well but you rarely saw anyone overweight at all they were also more active and walked or cycled everywhereToday people just eat all day long arent terribly interested in doing a fat lot that involves getting off their arse.Drive down the road a hundred yards to a shop and when they hit their forties generally think' well thats it, no point me bothering about staying fit now'....over simplification yes...but also not far from the truth.
    I think.the film Wall E summed up a lot of it quite well.

  • My first piece of advice would be to chuck away the scales, people I have known who are trying, or have tried to loose weight become obsessed with every pound they either manage to lose or put back on this in itself seems to create much unnecessary stress.

    Second would be to stop calorie counting. again people tend to become obsessed with working out how many calories are in each morsel of food they eat. this will only lead to feelings of guilt, followed by more stress.

    Third would be don't skip breakfast. It has been said that if you skip breakfast, your body will try to hold on to it's next meal or snack as a reserve. therefore a good brekkie should equal a good metabolism.

    Next is to get and stay active. You don't have to take up jogging, dogging or what ever else gets you breathless, just do more physical stuff. Walk to the shop if you can rather than drive, dig the garden, sweep the yard, wash the car by hand. If you start to incorporate this sort of practical stuff into your lifestyle then not only will you get fitter, but you will achieve a better sense of achievement.
    Try and stick to 3 square un-proceesd meals without the unhealthy snacks in between you will find that if you are busier then you will have less time to snack on crap between meals.

    And finally don't ever , never ever buy or eat anything with the words 'Low Fat' or 'Diet' in the title.