• Anyone been to new Zealand and hired a camper? Need to go and visit my son and the prices I'm seeing are horrendous! Any ideas please, want to go for a month?

    never been sorry but i have a couple of mates in wellington, if that's anywhere good for you i can ask um to check out the van prices, maybe cheaper to buy summit basic n grab a cooker, gas, etc n rough it for a month?

  • Why not get an empty rental van? We did this in the US and it was fine. As long as you are not in the depths of winter (we did it in California) you shouldn't need to worry about refinements like insulation.
    Go to the nearest superstore, buy an air mattress and camping cooker, then borrow the rest like bedding off your son?
    Or like madrat said look at buying (for about the same as the rental price) then sell before you go or leave it with your son to sell and send the money back to you.
    I would think that a rental van is the cheapest idea, as you can also get insurance.

  • I know it's probably too late for the op but I wanted to add the info to this thread.

    DiscoverNZ are a little firm with the best rates I found. Quoted me half the rate that the other firms did and had the best reviews. They were absolutely amazing. Van had everything I wanted and the only time I had a problem the owner emailed me back within the hour, and would have been available by phone if I'd needed him quicker!

    They operate on both islands.

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