23 Days a vegetarian!

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  • So, new years i decided to stop smoking and become vegetarian...I did both at once, and continue to do so!

    I thought it would be hard, but it's been ok so far...A year or 2 ago, i had no meat for 3 months...This time, I'm not eating eggs or mayonnaise either! That's kind of hard as i like mellonaise (as i call/say it).

    I don't mind stuff with egg in it, like cake...I'm not to pedantic about it...Tho i wont have egg fried rice or anything like that.

    I'm really impressed with the quorn chicken! I love it! :D Not too keen on the mince tho, but i will keep trying with that...Maybe next year once i got this under control, i can focus on the beauty products! :D At the moment tho, im focusing on my health! :D

    Hope you lot are having a good day!

    Love and light to you all x

  • Can I just ask (& well done on the not smoking) why the egg this way but not that way? Are you hoping one day to become vegan? I would have thought it a better compromise to consume egg/egg products from a free range hen rather than mass produced, cheapest end of the egg production system in dried powdered egg form. I'm just wondering if you not seeing the animal cells is what makes you justify egg in cakes etc? I would sooner have Quorn than eat bought in, home cooked chicken these days. To me it's guilt free eating. Three weeks is good going for such lifestyle changes good luck and stick with it.

  • If you have to compromise, stick with the non smoking, you will probably live longer and therefore have more time to go veggie!

    I think about veg as a numbers game, every week I go without chicken, one less chicken has to die, etc.

  • As an ex smoker myself,congratulations for giving up.I know I feel alot better for it,and I smoked approx 20 cigs a week,so not a heavy smoker.I've got a feeling I will become a vegetarian one day myself.We already substitute 2 meals a week for veggie ones,and tbh dont miss meat that much.However my husband still really enjoys meat,so he might need more encouragement to give it up completely.