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  • Since researching Tiny house/home builds. I’ve seen good and bad examples of what is happening throughout the world.

    What is clear is the increased number of cowboy builders who have jumped on the bandwagon and knocking out some very poorly designed and worse still poorly built Tiny homes. Many of these poorly constructed Tiny homes are built purely for profit, with little regard to building codes.

    What is also evident, many who may have built a reasonably good Tiny home have suddenly become “tiny home” build specialist and are selling their skills/experience at every stage. From creating a clients dream Tiny home to the clients spec or any part of the build from design onwards.

    It’s a cowboy world out there and it looks like Sheriff Trump had little choice but to put the brakes on.

    I’ve watched Tiny home sale demos on YouTube and Tiny homes costing over $45,000 are going to fall apart in a very short time.

    On a positive note. There are some incredible pioneer Tiny house builders and owners who are setting a benchmark for future semi affordable mobile homes.