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  • I have a very huge conflict because I love travelling but when I'm travelling I have a sad feeling watching how tourism is destroying the most amazing places in the world.

  • Commercial interests have ruined a lot of the places I was lucky enough to know when a younger boy than now. Places that were once amazing are now just monuments to mammon. For example, Dubai was an amazing and small place once, wouldn't go there now if Harry paid for it. My friends who live in Vietnam tell tales of big-corps buying up all the beaches and nice bits, only accessible now with big dollar. Ibiza, was very hippie when I lived there, now look at it, but it was good fun when all the new music was arriving. The back-packers route in aussie, pictures of Cairns now make me sad and Byron-Bay is full of wasters now.
    Singapore used to be a brilliant loony-bin, now it's all clean and shiney.

    Progress? My arse, but I know I'm just showing my age, everything changes but tourism hasn't often made it for the better unfortunately :hippy:

  • In my limited experience of backpacking if you keep away from the coast everything stays real.

    I always found that too, great point, but even the inland bits are being sniffed around now unfortunately.

    It's our own fault really, we find somewhere brilliant and tell everyone about it, and the word spreads, then the hordes descend :hippy:

  • A double edged sword with pros + cons. I also love to travel + have visited every continent except Antarctica mainly to see wildlife + wild places. I don't drive a car but usually fly 2 or 3 times a year but many of the places I visit benefit communities financially. If tourists didn't visit these places many of these people wouldn't have an incentive to preserve them.

    Some firms include carbon off setting with their packages + work with communities.

  • Yes we do that too.When we find a special place,we tend to keep it to ourselves.One time we were at one of our special places.and met another couple from the UK.The place we were at was extremely quiet and serene.The other couple however told us how they intended to run a hotel and....a bloody jet ski hire shop!Grrrrr Yeah just what the place needed hey?

  • In my limited experience of backpacking if you keep away from the coast everything stays real.

    That is very true. I used to sail for a living and obviously visited lots of places and traveled around their coastlines. You only had to go a short hop inland to get away from the tourists

    Until recently my only experience of Spain was it's coast but last year I went up into the mountains of the Pyrenees and it was stunning, everyone was friendly and had a laugh at our spanish, the food was some of the best I have ever eaten.

    I want to go back this year to the Picos by bicycle


  • Tourism can bring to light practice's that are unethical and wrong, putting pressure on countries and politicians to change these things for the better. It can also cause people to behave in unethical and immoral ways in the hopes of getting money. It is a double edged sword but I think tourism generally speaking has more pros than cons. There are places being ruined, however take goa for example. You can stay in Palolem and you could be anywhere in the world, but walk 30 mins to the local town and it is completely untouched and true to real India. Tourists attract tourists, so as long as its not written in 'lonely planet' then it will, for the most part, remain untouched!

  • Goa?Yeah thats why we've never been tbh,it sort of reminds me of the Benidorm of India (Which I confess I've never been to either,but seen enough on TV to put me off).I'd love to visit Goa if there were any real quiet areas,so if someone can point me in the right direction,I might give it a whirl one day.