Twin Flames

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  • I thought about it, and previously thought I'd met someone who fitted the criteria ...

    Now I wonder whether it's caused by a distortion of reality caused by extreme infatuation. Like, we notice the synchronicities and limbic resonance, mostly because we want to.

    Don't get me wrong, I've had some extraordinarily freaky coincidences happen in my dating life, but I don't think we should ignore the games our heads can play - because if we listen too much we end up staying in situations that really aren't good for us.

    This is long, but it approaches the idea from a much more scientific point of view...


    When you come from a dysfunctional family and unhealthy relating, you most likely have the ability to distort reality. If you believe in the concepts of true love, real love, or authentic love, and also believe in the idea of finding a soulmate as "the one" (including what is perhaps called Twin Flames?), then it's very possible that such beliefs will activate and trigger the ability to distort reality.

    These heightened spiritual beliefs of a transcendent love that is better, deeper, and blessed by the heaven's are ideas that can easily confuse and disconnect us from rational thinking. If you easily distort reality because that is what you needed to do in order to make sense of your family relationships, then it's best not to invite inherently confusing ideas about esoteric love bound in spiritual relating.

  • My mother told me how she had attended a family reunion held in London a few years ago. She said she was surprised to see me there. Turns out one of my cousins from Australia came over. Mum was convinced it was me until they spoke. How odd is that. I see my mother at least once a year.

    i don't believe in (my Soull mate) although I have spoken those words before. Just more compatible than the last gf or less so. I change also with age. Keep up if you can.

  • Just had a lil look at that vid and it looks like it might answer some of the relationship questions I've got flying around my head right now. But it can wait til I'm on some free wifi.

  • Not into soul mates myself.I believe,in reality,there are literally thousands of guys out there that could be suitable for me,(in the context of a romantic r/ship).Luckily my husband is as close to suitable for me as I'll probably ever get,but he's not my soul mate,and neither would anyone else be.

  • Some People Say And Believe And Think That Soul Mates Be The Same As Twin Flames.

    But In Truth They Be Very Different Simply Because....

    Firstly It Seems People Say/ Believe That
    "Everybody Has A Soul Mate" ..

    And Secondly That Many Peeps Believe/Say That....
    "Not Everybody Has A Twin Flame"

    So The Only Difference Is And Be Is That
    "Everybody Has A Soul Mate" And That ..
    "Not Everybody Has A Twin Flame" ....