Have you ever seen (or experienced) a ghost?

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  • I'm sure there's a presence in my house. I was at home with a cold some years ago. Lying on the sofa I heard the front door open, close then footsteps up the stairs. I shouted up the stairs, thinking Mum had come back from shopping. No reply. I searched all over but I was still the only one in the house. I've also sensed the presence of my dead parents sometimes and my old cat.

  • I have seen some weird and wonderful stuff over the years. One of the most scary was watching two large lit orbs a few feet off the ground whizzing around a big empty field near Helman Tor in Cornwall. It was the speed these things were going, with no noise and circling each other. Driving through the lanes Bodmin Moor in Cornwall mid summer, very late at night, a Huge black cat jumped in front of me, then jumped over a hedge. I thought it was a dog at first, then I saw the size of that tail.

    As to ghosts, as a kid, used to play with mates in ruins of a monastery. Hide and seek sort of things. I saw a monk standing at the end of an old footpath, then disappear into the wall.

    Heard a dong` hanging out in park opposite of a huge bell tower, Bodmin Jail. Haunted as heck.. That bell was taken to a museum many decade before.

    So much, I have seen, and probably thought nothing of it. Creepy stuff like burnt upside down cross shapes at Luxulyan Vally, Cornwall.

  • Yup,iv had a few unexplained visits and experiences over the years...the 1st i think was my great nan lived in an old end victorian terraced house that seemd to go back miles,we d visit most weekends,me,mum,nan and my sis.it wasnt till years later me and sis were talking about the house,how it spooked us,the long hall was dark,the loo was right at the back and dark..and the nasty big stripey cat that sat on the stairs in the hall growling or trying to scratch us through the bannisters..mum overheard and asked us more..apparently the cat was very real,but died in the 50s,this was the 70s!we d never mentioned the cat to each other before and had never seen it whilst together!we also had a presence in the house as teens,which i think is quite common,we called him oscar,he d walk across the back window in the garden,and knock things off shelves and stuff like pictures off walls...more recently iv taken to sensing presences,and having visions in dreams that have then happened in life..i saw my grand daughter at about 18mnths old,before she was born,i told my daughter about it at the time,i was holding her hand walking in a park...it then happened when she was about that age,my daugher was with us,i just turn to her as i realised it was happening,she grinned,she knew too,lol xx

  • I Often Dreamwalk Or Go Higher Plains Spirit Walk And Talk With Forest Spirit And Fire Dance With Sacred Shadow People ....But Be Not Sure If That Same As "Ghost People You Be Speaking Off?.

    Because Is It Be Not Said And Truth That These "Ghost People Pop Up To Your Faces Out Of The Blues? You Speak Off ...

    Where Be "The Spirits" I Speak Off Do Not Be Doing That...So I Be Thinking They Are Not Same As Your "Ghost People" ...As Mine Be Sort Of A Higher Being Place Of Mind Body Spirit You Go ..Step/Cross Into....And Then Step Back ....So Yep I Think They Be Not Of The Same As Your Ghost People.

  • I've had some very strange experiences.Firstly,when I was married to my first husband,his father died suddenly.About two weeks after the funeral,I woke up during the night,and to my horror(lol)saw my father in law,standing by the side of our bed,looking down at my then husband.I started hyperventilating,and quickly hid my face under the duvet.I talked myself into believing I must of just dreamt it,or imagined it.After a few seconds,I put on a brave face,and peeked out of the duvet.He was still standing there!Hahahaha I screamed which woke up my husband.As I was screaming my FIL disappeared.
    Around 3 mths later,my own father died.A while later,I was at home alone,mopping my kitchen floor.All of a sudden,someone(?)hit me on the bum.Feeling scared shitless,I quickly turned around to see.......no one there!I did all of a sudden though think it was my father,trying to get my attention,so I spoke to him.Did'nt get any more signs from him after that.
    My Mum died two years ago,and sadly,I havent had any signs from her.Can anyone shed any light why this might be please?

    The day my gran died, I slept late for work and someone shook me
    quite hard to wake me. I expected to see someone standing there but I was on my own. I later found out that she had passed away at this exact time.

    Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up on your dreams and ideals, wrinkles the soul.