Spiritual awakening

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  • My spiritual journey has been a long one. I became a Christian at age 8, in my mom's Baptist church. The Catholic church borrowed me from the Baptist church at Christmas to sing one of their songs in Latin. I started singing in the Catholic folk choir when I was twelve, with a friend that was Catholic. I got married in a Catholic church at 18....divorced 6 months later. Went to Iran while I was in the army....met a beautiful Muslim that wanted to marry....didn't. Lived with the CHRIST BROTHERHOOD in Santa Fe NM. Read Ralm Das' book BE HERE NOW. Read Madam Blavasky's book THE SECRET DOCTRINE. Hung out with the Hari Krisna's at the rainbow gatherings....they brought an elephant once. Hung with some other Buddhists a few times. And just finished the book THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE FOR DUMMIES TO THE AKASHIC RECORD. So far, that was the best.