The Long Awaited MWB Sprinter Build

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  • 50 sides, roof, rear door. Bulkhead and floor 25mm. Floor covered in 18mm ply, probably overkill but it was free.

    Screw holes - weld up, put a bolt and washer through them and nut the other side, fill with sealent, pop rivet - whatever fills it!

  • If I could go back in time I'd be tempted to glue foil faced foam material to every metal surface.....foil side against metal.

    And don't fill those holes with any old shit unless you travel and park in exclusively salt free environments and never spill liquids that might seep.

    Best look at marine sealents or sikaflex 512 or similar.

    My previous van went from good metal floor to rot at wheel arch floor due to a couple of screws, salty environment and bad choice of insulation and sealent.

  • Thanks... You have just about confirmed my suspicions... On the face of it is sounds good, but it just seemed way too thin....

    I'll probably go for the Celotex type insulation...

    Just scoping out prices.

    I don't know where you're based but I have 4 full sheets of 25mm Kingspan and a huge roll (enough to do an average van twice over) of foil bubble insulation going cheap.

  • Post Dovedale we decided that we needed somewhere to sit when it rained.

    Bed was divided into three - the rear (pillow) end is still fixed slats, giving underbed storage which is accessed from the rear doors. Bedding can also be stored on it when settee is in use. The middle section was hinged so it opens fully forward giving access to underbed storage, this also fixes halfway closed using a couple of chains to form the back of the settee. The front lifts up and hinges towards the rear, again for access to more underbed storage.

    Then was just a case of getting some 3 inch foam cut and some cases stitched up for it. Need to do some more work to the headboard as the previous mattress was taller.

    At the same time i also made up a table from pallet wood that sits in front of the settee/bed but forgot the picture!

    1 full bed-1024x768.jpg2 front storage-1024x768.jpg3 middle lift storage and rear-1024x768.jpg4 settee-1024x768.jpg5 settee with bed cushions-1024x768.jpg

  • Also required is a po instead of the current piss bottle. Picked up an old wooden commode very cheap from one of the Horncastle antique junk shops, complete with pot and lid. Few minor repairs and a bit of oiling it looks pretty good.

    Decided against the pot when i had a thought - i still had a small stainless bar sink in the garage that fits perfectly. Used sticks like shit to fix it in (currently drying), the drain will lead to either a small container or just through the floor via a tube either to be collected or drained under the van. In emergency a bag can also be stuck in there if required..... :shock:

    6 po-1024x768.jpg7 po2 with sink-1024x768.jpg

  • Very cool, won’t those building bricks hurt your lasses arse? I suppose you can warm them up on the stove though in winter. :)

    I’ve also got a antique wooden box seat commode. It came from a well known establishment in London. Story is it belonged to a posh hooker who was visited often by Male Royalty. When you lift the lid to expose the porcelain potty underneath, a pair of hardwood arm rests rise up from the box body. Very comfy and quality build.

    I still recon Wulfies Yew top toilet is fit for kings and made for someone the size of Henry VIII... best bog

  • You have touched on the only issue - due to it only being a mwb van something had to give and it was the burner. Talked to Pyke about this and i may end up with a diesel heater. I dont mind a couple of blankets, yet to see how she fares in the cold although i do have an old stone water bottle in the van, and hot rocks/bricks wrapped in a bag make great bedwarmers before laying out on one.

    There actually was a bigger one with handles on the side in the same shop but it was too tall. Im guessing the handles are for gripping onto when trying to pass something particularly large, in the absence of leaving teeth marks in the basin :whistle:

  • A while ago i bought a bin bag full of various plastic plumbing waste fittings, including traps etc for a quid. In it amongst other useful stuff was a caravan sink type drain that goes straight down to the flexy pipe size (20mm ish) That was fitted along with some old washing machine drain hose (this is well worth collecting!) which fits straight onto the drain.

    Sink installed into po, piece of old carpet out of my mams garage cut and stuck to the lid to replace the original. Pattern isnt a perfect fit but its plenty good enough, especially for free.

    Cleaned wood up with turps and a rag, few bits just need a quick going over with ronseal oak stain (has to be that as it was wombled and all I've got apart from danish oil)

    Looking for inspiration for a collection container should i decide not to just drop tube through the bottom of the van. A five litre petrol can is a couple of inches too tall - ideas for anything screw topped about 5ish inches high???



  • Ill look out for one of those cans Steve, forgot about them! Actually, an old lawn mower tank or similar may be useful, theres a guy local who often scraps a few..

    I could make something wulfie but it would be a lot of messing about - we dont have a guillotine so its a grinder for cutting..

    I had considered the smell, thinking of a bend in the pipe at the top to create a small trap then a tight fit into the container which has a small pipe vented outside. Could also fit a plug in the "sink" to stop smells.

    Actually, reading the above it all sounds like a lot of fucking about plus the potential to smell - tube out the bottom of the van is the way im going, maybe stand a petrol can underneath it if the location warrants it.

  • Just a thought, what about those caravan, grey waste containers that lay on their back and fill through a centre hole. Empty from normal top hole. Mount it horizontally under the van bolted to the chassis. Unscrew the end cap when emptying onto the grass verge/laybe :D. It should be possible to fit a unbend but looking at your commode, it appears to be open beneath? On legs? The smell should be minimum as it’s slung outside, but putting something smelly in the container just in case.

    It’s all a lot of pissing about. I like the pipe through the floor and let it drip idea. if your in the same place for more than a day. Walk to a pissing tree. :whistle:

  • It is open, on 4 short legs.

    Always used a pissing tree, the bottle was for nighttime use only anyway and the seat is more for the Misuse's convenience as she had to squat with bad hips/back.

    It only ever got tipped out behind the van in the morning anyway so dripping on the floor shouldnt be an issue. I may just keep the same bottle thrown in the back that it can stand underneath if absolutely necessary.

  • I bought myself a old glass bed Piss bottle a few weeks back. The dear old gal charged me £1

    I told her that’s 100pennies I have to spend before I can risk breaking it.

    I’ve had great difficulty early mornings with back pain. On my worst days I really struggle to get up onto my feet. Training my bladder was really my only option. Unfortunately it can be very uncomfortable when hoping to relax and get further shut-eye after a long night of disturbed sleep. But the older I get, I’m resorting to tried and tested methods. Saying that I’ve yet to need or try this pee bottle out. One thing about it is that it’s calibrated In fluid ounces or mils, so I can monitor my bladder storage capacity. :D

    Thankfully not drinking shit loads of alcohol anymore makes pee management a doable.

    At the green gathering I was parked up next to a guy who was a double leg amputee. First thing in the morning his van side door opened and he swung out on his hands, made for the back wheel of his van to pee up the tyre. The pipe through the floor pan idea would suit his needs.

    I don’t like to pee poured or discarded close to my vehicle, regardless of how long it’s parked for. If it’s pee in a tuplewear jug (like our lass uses) nearest fenceline is closest it gets poured away.

    I would be inclined to rig up a small storage tank underneath the vehicle and run a small bore pipe (brake-pipe size) along the exhaust pipe. I often observe exhaust pipes dripping at junctions/traffic lights, so it wouldn’t be all that suspicious disposing of it when driving.

    If you could create a vacuumed in the holding tank, that should retain any unwanted smells.

  • And installed...


    Two pieces a pallet wood sanded and stained then screwed through the bottom into the legs. The wood is then screwed to the floor - not the best mounting method but it'll do.

    There is enough room between the back and the bed to comfortably get your feet/legs so the settee can be used, pic makes gap look very small.

    Drain hose goes through the bottom of the van. Underneath i will make a small bracket to allow me to hang my original screw top piss bottle on if required. This will be directly below the tube but 3 or 4 inches away with fresh air in between. This i think will allow any potential smell to dissipate under the van rather than travel back up the tube. Also a funnel in the top of the bottle will narrow it cutting the potential down even more.

    Also to the right of the picture is the table top made from pallet. This has been sanded and stained on top, not got round to the underneath yet. This just lifts out and sits between the wall and the kitchen unit and is secured in its current location with a nut and bolt for travelling/when not in use.