Meeting people

  • This winter has been tough, It takes all my time and energy to run my lickle business and do the chores, keep my truck warm and me fed and watered, i dont have the time for getting out there, clubs and groups for hobbies dont really interest me as its mainly straightsville and I'd fit in about as well as a sink plug to stop the tide coming in. When you've got a full life living what you believe to the best you can doesnt always fit in with the extra's in life, I save up my time for getting away for the festi's as am still like to excercise the party animal in me, i dont drink alcohol at all which accounts for me not liking pubs much and being around heavy drinking sessions, but I do like a phat sound system in a field. I'm just about done with the waiting game I've always had faith in. the universe seems to have gone very quiet, the trouble is when you are content and happy with your lot and got enough to do on any given day to make sure you survive each day well, it doesnt leave a lot of time for much else.

  • I seem to meet people I like all the time, I never take it further because I am in a stable three year relationship I don't want to mess up. But I do think (as much as anything) its a state of mind.

    Part of my new years resolution I joined weight watchers, boy if you want to meet women join weight watchers!

  • I would recommend giving tinder another chance. Nowadays most people don't go on there just for casual sex they go on for the novelty of seeing who is about nearby. My last 4 or 5 relationships/friendships/flings came from tinder and I've met some really cool people. Yes you have to wade through all the thirsty singles and gross messages but if you're an introverted or unsociable person it can be really useful tool. Its not ideal or romantic but it is what it is. We are living in shit times and our civilisation is circling the toilet but you can make the best of it on the way down.

  • A good way of meeting the opposite sex is through day game, that means going out during the daytime to places that will have large numbers of the opposite sex such as museums, shops, libraries or even in the street etc. This video explains some day time approach techniques:

    Ewwwwww.... far too creepy and scientific....

  • Yup, people seem to rely on this stuff much more as it gets more difficult for people to meet. I'm an outdoors type, but with no transport it's hard to get out and meet like minded people, so I end up in the pub - which is strange too, because I get the feeling people go out only to spend time with friends now, it's like meeting people is only meant to be done on the net or something, bit of a shame really, the best thing is meeting someone who you might be with for a long time, for the first time, and getting to know them without knowing all of their likes and dislikes.

    I've been on Plenty of Fish for a while and I must seem like a right oddball on there, so much so, I feel a bit embarassed xD

  • I Be Find It Very Hard To Meet People Simply Because I Am Very Skittish And Elusive ...And Maybe Because I Feel More Comfortable And Would Rather Be High Up In The Trees Lounging Across A Tree Branch Like A Big Wild Cat Hidden..Looking Down At People Pass And Go By ...
    Without Having To Walk Along Beside Them Or With Them Or Meet Them .....Which Kinda Makes Meeting People Very Hard For Me hahahaha.

    Unless They Were Great Tree Climbers Off Course hehehe:)
    But I Am Trying To Learn To Come Down Out Of The Safety Of The Trees :)

  • And Truly It Be True...As I Be Telling No Untruths ...I Be Like That ...And Where Be Most Grown Up Kids Who Visit There Mama...Would Look For Them In House As They Call Out Mum..Mum ..
    Where Be My Grown Up Kids And Eldest Son And Daughter Do Not Be Calling Out Mama As They Look Through My House .. Nope...Nada ..They Both ..Simply.....Go Into My Little Garden And
    "Look Up.. Up...Into The Trees:!! hehehehe...;))...And That Be The Simple Truths :))) hahahaha:)