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  • Hi guys, im new to this group and i have a massive favour to ask you all. im currently in the planning stages for a short documentary based on people who have turned their backs on the typical housing system/ way of living in the uk, preferably the south, due to the rising housing prices. So any of you lovelies who have upped sticks and now maybe live in vans, yurts, boats or anyting! I would like the main feature to be about rewarding going off the grid can be and how happiness and general satisfaction with life can be achieved.

    So if this sounds like something you would like to help me out with or take part in please dont hesitate to message me. Or if you know anyone that would you would be doing me a massive favour.

    It is for my final major piece at university as i am studying TV and Video production. I have chosen to base my documentary on this subject as going off the grid is something I want to do after I graduate and i would love to get an insight to your wacky worlds.

  • Seems to me too many uni/journo people think they can use our community to acquire other peoples experience for their own benefit.....Id personally have more time and tolerance if these people who write dissertations or make programs about our mobile/ off-grid lifestyle actually did it themselves and wrote about/video'd their own experiences and the people they meet living similar lives...'Id like a load of free help to advance my career'...meh!

  • Nothing wrong with Uni film makers - everyone has got to begin a career somewhere. Also it's not always possible to make a film based on your own personal experience or obtain that experience first hand, especially so if you are a fledgling. Oh wait! I's possible to participate in any experience you like if you have enough cash to throw at it.
    Assuming that this person is a Uni film maker - think I missed that direct bit of info somewhere. A) you don't know what the brief is..maybe it is a narrow task. B) Why assume that everyone is out to portray an unbalanced view - maybe the film makers is just different to yours or maybe the funding committee have tight say in it. C) Aren't we all guilty of using this place to gleam knowledge from someone...well I for one think I can never know enough about off grid living. D) I'll happily pass any info on that I have learned despite what their reason for being on here is.

    Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up on your dreams and ideals, wrinkles the soul.

  • I dont have a problem with people who are actively engaged with or participsting in the hippy /alternative/off grid lifestyle and it happrns to be part and parcel of their uni studies.i have an issue with people parachuting in from nowhere looking for materisl thry can use in the journo articles or disertations as is so often the case snd never hesrd from again.
    .Youre perfectly right you can never know everything and theres always more to learn.Sharing experiences and advice between us to help each other solve off grid or mobile life issues is one thing,exploiting a community knowledge for personal spurious project or agenda is something else entirely.
    Im not stopping you or anyone else helping with the OPs project am I ? Im giving my opinion if thats still allowed on here.

  • I think his last words "..your wacky worlds" betray a typical journalist's 'sympathy' for the subject. He thinks we're crazy, and thinks that craziness would make good entertainment.

    Whoever helps him will doubtless be interviewed and filmed, and have no say in the editing of the finished product.

    Once you have given your permission to film (I bet he makes you sign something), that distorted footage of you life will be permanently out there, and may even end up on TV, even if he tells you it won't.