Blocking of kink online

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  • Sign the petition:…rivacy-and-sexual-freedom

    The Digital Economy Bill currently going through parliament will force adult websites to verify users' ages but does not guarantee the protection of personal data collected by these sites. Even scarier: it will force ISP's to block content that portrays 'non-conventional' sex acts between consenting adults. Non-conventional meaning things like caning, spanking, fisting, watersports and (shock! horror!) female ejaculation!

    Basically, if you support the right of an independent adult film maker to make a video of a woman enjoying herself so much she squirts on a partner, and post it online, then sign and share the petition.

    Granted, such petitions are essentially pissing (ahem) in the wind, but it's a place to start. In a few years they'll be criminalising kink outright. Stop fcking with our sex lives!

    More info here:…line-internet-pornography

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