Alternate universes Do you think they exist or not?

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  • through the black hole, where we arent allowed to go,and from present day affairs on earth syria,,korea, homelessness,, coral reef everything,,,we are excluded and imprisoned on this side of the black holes, portals,,,they can come thru but we cant go back

  • Just the idea of galaxies moving away from our own at 30,000kmh per second is mind blowing enough, when I consider just how far they have moved away from me since I was born. That alone is more space distance than I can quantify in hedgelaying terms. I hope if there are more like me, that they look after themselves better than I did and don't lift anything stupidly to big or difficult to control on a windy day.
    I now think that people who study astrology are the most satisfied junkies on earth. The next Discovery is a bigger hit than the first hit they chased.

  • There's a video of the history and modern theories about Dark Matter here in the link below; it's a bit 'Ghee Whizz!' but is a decent popular approach to an hard-to-figure (for me!) subject:

    Wowwww....Sooooo Super Cooool.....And Very Wisdom Learning And Be Very Bounce Bouncie Too....
    Thankyou For Showing oldkeith ....As I Lovezz To Be Learning Of Mans Beliefs And Thinkings Of What Is Called The Dark Matter...Where I Be Simply Calling It And Knowing Of It Simply As "The Beyond Beyond" In Sort Of English Words As I/We Have Only Symbols And Signs For This Be And No Spoken Words ...As It Has No Words To Us...
    So I Very Muchly Loved Looking Out Of My Eyes And Seeing This...:)))

  • I tried to concentrate but lost the gist.

    People who hold with a literal god are living in an alternate universe but flip it so it's me and my ilk who are alternative,.....It's so confused....... Alternately it could be so simple.....

    What's the point in thinking?

    Could every person have developed into a different entity from their current manifestation?

    Probably they could !

    What are these universes that you refer to?

  • There's a video of the history and modern theories about Dark Matter here in the link below; it's a bit 'Ghee Whizz!' but is a decent popular approach to an hard-to-figure (for me!) subject:

    And To Be Honest Too....When I Be Listening And Looking Out Of My Eyes The Very Be (First Thing I Feel And Hear And See In The Spoken Words" Is...
    "Woww They Are Describing "Many Man And Mans World And They Do Not Even See It And Know It"...Because
    "Sadly Be There Are Sooo Many Of Man And Sooo Many Sadly Things Of Mans World Too That Are Both Pure Dark Matter And Pure Dark Energy" ....And That Be Too Sadly Hidden And Invisible To Others Because They Hide It Sooo Well Under Deep Within Their Wrapper"...Because Man Seem To Always Be Only Looking Seeing Believing "The Outside Wrapper" And Not "The Dark Matter And Dark Energy " Thats Hidden Until It Be Too Sadly Late....
    Just As Mans World Need For...Greed...Money .Destruction...Pollution .Etc Of Anything That Is Wild And Free And Beautiful And Different ...Such As The Earths Garden And..The Lands The Animals ..Forests..And .The Natural Minerals And Oils Etc Etc Etc .. Are All Dark Matter And Dark Energy ...For They Both Swallow Up And Destroy And Block Out Any Light And Anything Beautiful And Different They Touch.. Want ..Need.. Etc ....Meaning Simply Anything They Want And Anything That Gets In Their Way And Just Spread And Grow And Make More And Throw Out Dark Matter And Dark Energy..
    It Is How You Would Say But Simply Said Like Be
    "Spirit" ...

    So The Next Thing Be In Video I See ..Know..Feel...In Seeing Through Their Spoken Words....(Yes I/We Can See Peoples Spoken Words And Not Only Just Hear Them)hahaha...But Most Mans World Only Use Their Ears And Not Their Eyes When People Speak Which Is Sad Be Because If Peeps See The Words Too And Not Just Hear Them ..Then It Can/Could Show Them What Be Hidden Within Their Words And What Be Hidden Truly Deep Inside Their Wrapper Be Too...Dark Or Light..!!!
    Soooo ...Just Like You Have Be Two Kinds Of Spirit..
    "Light Spirit (Matter) .Gives Off Spreads Light Energy"...
    So Be Very Beautiful And Bright.
    Then You Have
    "Dark Spirit (Matter) Gives Off Spreads Dark Energy..
    So Very Dark Uggly Its Invisible And Hidden.

    As All And Everything Has To Have "Balance" Meaning Be
    "Light/Dark " ...
    So This They Speak Off Is Simply As You Call It In Your Words "The Universes (Spirit) ....
    Just Simply The Same As The Mans World
    Earths (Spirit) .....
    Because Yes It Be "Balance"...Of "Spirits"
    Two Of This Earth......"Light Matter/ Light Energy" And Dark Matter/Dark Energy Just As
    Two Of The Universe. "Light Matter/Light Energy And Dark Matter/Dark Energy"...

    So Its Simple ...Without There Be Both ...There Would Simply Be No Balance ...Meaning .There Be ."Nothing" ...
    No Mans World ...No Universe...No Balance ..No Spirit...

    And So To Me That Is What That Video Is Just Simply Saying ...Showing ..Not Some New Found Treasure Or Wonder ...Just Simply What Is You Call /Word "SPIRIT" ..
    But Off Course Man And Mans World Too Blind To See Their Own Words And What Is In Plain Sight ..And Turn And Make It Soooo Muddling That Nobody Understands What "Dark Matter/Dark Energy Is ...hahahaha.

    So Be It You Or Nobody Believes Or Sees Or Feels What I Be Do And I Be Know And Feel...And I Think Of This Video Is Off All Yours And Everybody Free Thinking Choice Which I Respect ....
    I Just Simply Be Saying And Sharing My Beliefs And Thinking...And What I See And Feel And Hear Out Of My Eyes And Ears And Beliefs ...
    So That Is Why I Sooo Loved It ...As It Gives Me Wisdoms And New Teachings Of Some Of Mans Words Thinking Ways And Of Be Their Beliefs...

    So To Me That Is Why I/We Do Not Have Sort Of Our Own Speaking Words For "Spirit" We Have And Use Beautiful Symbols And Signs Instead...Even Though I Use It And Write (Spirit) Word On Here With All UKHippy Peeps As It Is The Way/Word Of Your Kind..And Mans World.
    But If I Be Say Writing To My Kind It Would Be A Symbol And Signs Not A "Word".
    If ALL That Makes Sense? Hahahahaha:)))

  • In the universe I'm in at present I don't believe they exist.
    Although there are other universes where I'm a great believer in their existence.
    And others where I'm not sure at all.

  • Hey chin up.If this one had been different you may not have appeared on here,because here may have been somewhere else instead and no doubt everyone here is pleased you showed up.:)After I had cooled my heels over degradation of women sex workers...I have had hoots thinking of you and your mate green and hopefull getting forced up those stairs to the chrome remover and the gangrene eye.Maybe that was a parrallel universe...Stairway to Heaven?:rofl:

    I like to think that there are alternate where another me didn't screw up everyday.

  • Danann, I had to read that slowly twice before it really soaked in...:)

    But the simile is valid. You are far out, Danann!:hippy:

    Ooops Oldkeith I Got Sort Of Be Lost In My Own Babbling Universe As I Tap Tapped Away Trying To Find The Words To Show What I Was Showing Which Can Be Struggles For Me And My Thinking Ways hahahahaha.
    And Be Thought "Oooops" After I Saw My Words.... !! Hahahahahaha....As It Kinda Is Hypo Bouncie MilkyWays Far Out hehehehehe ...But Makes Perfectly Senses To Me But Struggles No Doubts For Non Dananns To Understand My Thinking Writing Thoughts Of What Dark Matter /Dark Energies Be hahahaha..
    But I Be Soooo Very Happy That It Be Making You "Smiles" :))..And Now I Be Smiling Too:)...

  • I have not heard yet about alternate universe and even if it is really exist. I will never go there. For, everything has an end. So even if those other universe are really existing they have also an end.

  • ......I was pulling out of an industrial park many years ago.As i waited for traffic to pass, the opposite side of the road seemed visually odd as though it was a solid mass even the air,stopped .still.odd.I was transfixed for a while then pulled out to go home.I must of passed ,the three young lads speeding in the other direction,within moments of them hitting exactly where I had been looking and dieing there.

    I don't quite understand what you wrote. Did you mean to say that had you remained at that spot on the road for a few more seconds, you would have been hit by those 3 lads?

    Here's some similar tales from someone else.…ensionscenarioafter111111

    His story rings true because I myself have experienced some very unusual events.

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