Aliens, do you believe?

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  • RT, you are not seriously comparing beaver dams and termite and ant mounds to the vast edifices built by humankind?

    What we have done here is of a completely different level, built by human beings of a completely different order of cooperation and intelligence than beavers and termites.

    I am not entering into whether what we have done is good or bad; there is much of both. What I am suggesting is that there is a vast difference between ourselves and the rest of the fauna here in the way we use resources and the magnitude of what we do with them. All in a very short space of evolutionary time; supposedly around 6 to 10 million years.

    By comparison the dinosaurs were here for some 165 million years, no doubt constantly evolving; some had claws very much like hands too.

    But apparently they had not evolved in all that time beyond being creatures that roamed in the steaming jungles, creatures that were incapable of changing their environment, and quickly died out when disaster struck.

    Where are the spaceships of the dinosaurs? Moon-bases, and all the rest?:)

  • Aye , its a tad dated, he brought a new version out this year which is a lot better constructed, but costs £3+ to view on you tube.i downloaded via torrent and have to say it swayed me towards believe.


    2017 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 40m. its on some streaming sites and a lot better than the older one!