Aliens, do you believe?

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  • I definately believe its likely that there is intelligent life somewhere else in the universe, but we'll almost certainly never meet it. Even if aliens could work out that our planet amongst all the billions and billions of other stars had life by the time they travelled across the lightyears of empty space to reach us we'd be long gone. On the other we might find microscopic life somewhere within our solar system, under the ice of Europa is a good bet even deep underground on Mars is a possibility as life survives on earth in places you wouldn't expect it. What I find odd is the assumption that aliens visiting planet earth would be morally superior vulcanesque beings, and not (more likely) a species that had to leave their planet beause they fucked it up so much they can't live there anymore.

  • I was told years ago that I was the "governor-general" of this sector of the milky-way, something to do with the galactic federation and all that.
    But! because of shit going on out there in space I have been hidden here among you lovely humans, because I'm a special wizard or something. You may laugh, many do when I tell them, but I've had other independent weirdo's confirm it (mediums, past-life shit, matrix, etc ) :hippy:

  • I was told years ago that I was the "governor-general" of this sector of the milky-way, something to do with the galactic federation and all that.
    But! because of shit going on out there in space I have been hidden here among you lovely humans, because I'm a special wizard or something. You may laugh, many do when I tell them, but I've had other independent weirdo's confirm it (mediums, past-life shit, matrix, etc ) :hippy:

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  • As I Be Saying Before On Here And Some Few Friends Of Mine . YES..There Be Many Things In This World Of Man ..
    That Walk Along And Upon This Earth And Below This Earth And Hidden Within This Earth That Man Is Both To Blind And Closed Minds Shut Off To Accept And See Anyways..

    Many Things Come And Go And Pass Over And Within This World .. And Because Mans World Makes Fun Off Or Non Believe And Is Led To Think/Believe They Would All Be Like Monsters/Aliens/Creatures Etc Etc On The TV/Cinema Screens ....They Would Never Accept That There Is More Than Just Humans That Be On This Earth.
    And If They Ever Did Stumble Across Another Being Etc ..They Would Simply Hide It Away From Public And World And End Up Doing What Man Does Best Anyway ..Meaning "Kill It After Experimenting On It " Anyway..

    So Do I Believe In "Aliens/Creatures/Monsters Etc" ?
    Then I Would Say "YES" Cos The Only Alien/Monsters Etc Walking This Earth Is Sadly "MAN" Himself .:(

  • I always thought there's gotta be something out there, the law of physics says we can't be the only ones! Anybody who thinks we are the only intelligent life form in existence is either very naive, or very vain!
    And as for intelligence, the very fact that no other lifeforms have made contact (allegedly) in itself tells me they are very intelligent. Cos I'm sure they know our first response would be to seek control over them, and then to try and destroy them. So god knows why any other species would want to associate with a shower of fuckin idiots like us is anybody's guess! NANU NANU!

  • Human beings have always been fascinated with the civilisation that preceded it and through the centuries have purposely excavated or just happened across great ruined cities, artefacts of many types and texts of lost languages and peoples. Only since the mid to late Victorian era however has archaeology taken on any structured form with notable luminaries like Flinders Petrie and Wallace Budge taking the time to preserve finds and try to build an accurate interpretation of what they discovered and made archaeology a respected profession in its own right. With many ancient finds it is relatively easy to make sense of what has lain for many years forgotten in the ground, or in the case of buildings and cities, buried in shifting sands, swallowed by vegetation or left to fall in to dereliction as they are still easily recognisable in our modern age. There are however, certain discoveries that defy all rational explanation and are seemingly impossible with in the age of the find and knowledge we know of the civilisation concerned. Archaeology like science bases its prestige on the premise that humanity as a species always advances both intellectually and technologically as time moves forward and this on the face of it is a perfectly reasonable assumption. Using archaeology as an example, let us hypothesise for a moment and say that there were two people drinking in a pub in London and some calamity befell the earth and everything was obliterated. Two thousand years go by and the archaeologist of 4012 CE stumbles upon the remains of the pub and the two skeletons along with fragments of glass and bits of charred wood and rubble. The human remains would be dated and sexed and the glass fragments would be analysed and the assumption could easily be made that these two humans could have been instrumental in brewing or high status glass makers when all they were actually doing before their unfortunate demise was having a drink after a day in the office. The point I am making is that because after such a considerable time where erosion, human values, views of the world and how people in the distant past functioned on a day to day basis we as modern society can only ever make a guess on some things that are discovered. The Bronze Age is generally accepted to be around 3200-4000 BCE and the Egyptian Civilisation is thought to have appeared around 5000 BCE mainly as it seems that nothing has been found to predate this time whilst The Sumerian Civilisation is generally accepted to have begun around 4000 BCE and the Harappen peoples of what is now India is also around 4000 BCE (although a number of finds in the recent past may predate 4000 BCE). On the face of accepted history the step to major modern civilisation began around this time. All well and good thus far you would think, however, there are increasingly finds being made that make no sense in the context in which they are discovered not to mention staggering achievements like the pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt among others which until recently was the biggest built structure on the planet. The one thing that Sumeria, Egypt and India have in common more so than other civilisations of the period now or since are that their system of ‘Gods’ were regularly interacting with mankind on an almost daily basis and seem to be universally thought of as a kind of ‘Super Race’ of beings that came from the stars and unlike what mainstream religion has become, a benevolent or wrathful God that needs solely to be worshipped in order that humanity gets granted some kind of everlasting peace and afterlife. The ‘Gods’ of Egypt, Sumeria and India are described routinely using technology of a type that any military force or Government today can only dream about (as far as we are aware at present anyway). There are ‘myths’ and ‘allegorical’ tales of what we understand to be rocket ships, weapons of incredible power and all manner of other technological wonders. The obvious problem with this scenario is that six thousand years ago the mere thought of man describing this type of modern machinery is plainly ridiculous when the height of technology was the bow, and horse drawn chariot and yet we have accurate descriptions of what appear to be advanced machines and weaponry and in the case of the Indian Mahabharata a full blown nuclear conflict seems to have taken place at some point! How can this be possible? Whilst it is common to place our thought patterns or values on what we in our age and world view consider right and moral I suggest that it is fundamentally incorrect to make these assumptions about past civilisations including those that may originate or originated in other parts of our galaxy or universe. I include alien civilisations because it is generally accepted in our scientific era that we are most likely not the only life forms in the universe that we consider to be on a par or to exceed our current capabilities. On that basis it is natural to accept that some may have been around for considerably longer than human beings. On that premise let’s say that approximately 10,000 BCE a group of lets call them ‘Advanced explorers’ arrived in our Solar system and set about categorising its age, chemical make up, mineral content, potential life forms etc, much as we would do ourselves and assuming the thought processes were similar to ours they would be working towards the advancement of their own species. In 10,000 BCE humanity was still relatively speaking in its early stages and much of humanity still led a nomadic existence and lived hand to mouth whilst others were beginning to settle down and grouping together in communities. It was probably the groups that settled down and started rudimentary farming and erecting small villages that found themselves with enough time on their hands to seriously start wondering why they were here, why they suddenly died of illnesses and generally pondered on the wonders of their complex environment. To explain the unexplainable, seasons, sun rises, extreme weather and the like, external forces were created, Gods, Supreme Beings, Spirit’s of forefathers were created to make unknown natural events easily digestible. So a small group of our tribesmen are out hunting one day and they come across some of our 'Advanced explorers' in the middle of collecting samples of flora and fauna. To the tribesmen the 'Advanced explorers' would seem fantastical whilst the other way around we might be looked at with curiosity, much as we do with strange animals encountered today in zoos. Let's assume that some kind of communication attempt takes place and our 'Advanced explorers' try to explain where they originate from. From the one or all of the tribesmen's viewpoint it could easily appear that these beings were some kind of 'Spirit or Supreme Being'. After the encounter and upon returning to the village they would then try to explain what they had seen to their peers. All would probably walk away with something different from this, some would be scared and some would wonder if a God had come to visit but everyone would have their own take on what had occurred in the same way that a traffic accident can have numerous interpretations depending on your vantage point and involvement. So that year the harvest happens to be particularly good and the tribesmen might easily associate their fortuitous meeting earlier in the year with a good harvest and it is easy to see how a possible chance event like that could snowball in to something a lot bigger. From the viewpoint of the 'Advanced explorer' Earth might may have been the first planet that they'd come across with life in various stages of advancement and decided to keep an eye on how we progressed through the centuries. Modern human beings have a number of 'thought errors' that stop them thinking 'outside the box' for want of a better term. In our age of super computers, economies, knowledge of science and medicine and power over all other life on the planet we seem to think we know it all and should anyone experience an event, UFO, ghost or other anomaly especially where science is concerned they are generally considered delusional or misguided unless it can be poked with a metaphorical stick. Interestingly, in many if not all of the film and TV versions of man coming in to contact with alien intelligence whether malicious of benign we always portray human beings in two distinct camps, those in power or clandestine organisations who want to destroy and control and those who want to understand why and how the visit/invasion occurred. It is interesting that few of us just accept that other life forms or civilisations exist naturally and those of us that think like this seem to have avoided the 'religion and social conditioning trap'. Logically, using our perspective we would be the better people to approach in the first instance due to the fact that we have no agenda except knowledge as to why, how and what for. Why then does this seem not to happen? Is it possible that contact was made in the distant past and those that were initially contacted by chance or planning have seen fit to withhold their knowledge and just past it down through time to those they thought could be trusted to maintain the knowledge and if so have they convinced the 'Advanced explorers' that this is the best course of action for humanity? As our global civilisation stands today very few people actually hold any real power over the planet and its inhabitants. The illusion that politicians in Governments around the world are in charge is a misconception in my view. If one looks seriously behind the scenes of everyday life around the world it does not take long to see that ultimate power is held by very few people hardly any of whom have a high profile. There are many conspiratorial views on who these individuals are, including the Rothschild's, the secretive Bilderburger group or the common favourite for all things secret The Illuminati. I think it is safe to say and it has been shown to be true countless times that there is 'no smoke without fire' as the saying goes, and whether or not it is any of the above mentioned groups or some other group operating in the shadows there is very definitely 'someone in control' out there. It is easy to see how a global population could be controlled relatively easily in the modern world with the mass media that is now part of everyday life and how it could be drip fed and 'given' opinions. For the conspiratorially minded it would seem that in 2012 more than any other year there is an increasing number of 'documentaries' and movies all alluding to contact and cover ups involving civilisations not from Earth. As Dr Steven Greer M.D states in the brilliant book 'Disclosure' one of the biggest hurdles in any admission from authorities would be to admit that they had been keeping this vast secret for at least fifty years if not much longer. I would like to think the population of the planet would be outraged that a small number of people have controlled their lives for so long and it would hopefully lead to a complete rethink on how decisions that affect all of humanity are made and an end to being treated like children.

  • An interesting and logical post, Oddaspie. I think the human race has been here a great deal longer than we can trace at present. In the fifties, in school, we were told humans had been here almost a million years. Science now has some evidence that there were kinds of humans here 5 or 6 million years ago.
    Unless there has been some kind of intervention by those outside, we would have had to be here some tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years to have naturally evolved to what we are today.

    Our little recorded history is, I think, only one of many cyclical rises from cavepeople to civilisation that have happened in the past. If things go badly here, we shall no doubt be stricken down to the level of animals again, and then again, eventually, if possible, start the long climb back.

  • Also I Think About "Aliens" ...Is Not "Man" An "Alien" ..Or Could Be Called And Thought Of One? ...As Maybe To A Tribe That Say Has No Dealing With "Mans World" That Knows Nothing Of The "Outside World Of Mans World" As They Only "Know There Own Kind" ..

    If They Knew What The Word "Alien" Meaned Off Course First...But Lets Just Say They Did ...I Be Sure That When They See Man From "Outside World" With Your Different Skin And Hair And Eye Colors And Different Cultures And Ethnic Origins And Even Clothes That Cover Most Of Skin Etc Etc . "Man" Would And Could Easily Be Thought Of As "An Alien" ..We Fly In Big Silver Birds.(Aeroplanes) ..And Giant Wasps (Helicopters) Even In "Giant Metal Arrows (Rockets) Beyond The Skies And Stars Past The Sun And Moon Etc Etc To Them...And Tgen Add In "Talking Boxes That Spirits Talk Out Off (Mobile Phones) And Radios Etc Etc And Man Speaks In A Different "Speak Tongue" (Language) Etc Etc ...Yes...I Be Sure We Defo Would Be Thought Off And Seen As Aliens.

    Sooo Another Way To Look And Flip This Topic Of
    "Aliens Do You Believe?" ..The "True" Answer Is
    "That It Depends On (The Eyes And Thinking And Beliefs Etc Of The Beholder) ...Because Man Intself Can And Could Be Seen Easily And Believed To Be "An Alien" To Another Tribe/Culture Etc Of People..

    And Who Is To Say "That In Fact "Man" Is Already And Has Been "The True Original Alien" Of This World??? ..Already To Many People And Races And Tribes??

    So Yep Just Me Bouncing Another Thinking Thought Around In My Thinking Head haha:)

  • And ..hahaha .
    In Proof Of How My Thinking Mind Thinks Further Than Beyond When Its Starts Click Clicking Like The Rubic Cube haha Which Will Be Noooo Biggie Surprise To Many Here hahahahaha .

    Is I Also Look At It This Way ...In Being
    "Take Plants And Animals" Just To Pick Two Things ..

    Both "Plants And Animals Were Technically "Rulers" Of This Earth And Lived Breathed Walked..Hunted Grew Reproduced ETC Upon And In It Etc And Were Here Before "Walking Upright Man" .. ..
    They "Both" Breathe...Need Oxygen ..Need Food...And Reproduce To "Survive" .And Have Intelligence ..They Also As I Said "Were Here Before "Upright Walking Man" ..Soooo....If They Knew The Word "Alien" Because They Were Here "FIRST" And "Ruled Earth" And "Man" Came After ..Then Technically They Would Call "Man" An "Alien" And Man Would Be "The Alien".. To Them ...Because To Be "Called/Seen And Thought Off As An
    "Alien" You Have To "Come/Arrive Etc" (AFTER) The Orginal Beings And Rulers Of The Earth.

    Just As Now Say . "MAN" Rules The Earth ...So If A New Race Of People Or Intelligent Life Forms Etc Came To Earth ..."Man" Would Call Them.. "Aliens" .
    So In My Thinking Mind "Man" Is And Has Been For Many Many Time Of Times (Years/Decades Etc)
    "The Alien" ...And Man Took Over The "World" By Killing Off And Hunting Most If Not All "The Original Beings Of This Earth ..As More Powerful..More Intelligent Etc Etc ..And Now "Man Rules This Earth" ...Which Means ..
    Man Seen As The "Alien" Came To Be... And Then Took Over And Ruled The Earth Since !!! Hahahaha.

    So Yes..."Aliens" Do Exist ...Because "Man Is The Alien" hahahaha:)