Synchronicity and moving forwards

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  • Well as some of you are aware of where I was a month ago (…rgy-flowing-in-to-my-life.) If you dont. I was in Lampyland today down the Tommy the Tat mans pitch getting coffee from his daughters coffee trailer.
    Anyhow saw a chap who looked familiar but carried on to get a coffee and out of tat shed came a lady who looked familiar and Liz who runs coffee trailer said Hay Milly this lady does puppets. I had been told a few days ago about a Girl who wanted to get into schools and does puppets and was waiting to cross paths with her.
    So turns out last saw her and her husband in 1991 when they broke down on the way to Spain in there truck where they moved to till a couple of months ago and I stopped to offer help all that time ago. The familiar looking chap was her husband and turns out her daughter live in a caravan almost next to my sons one. We going to meet up and get discuss stuff in the near future when we have time. I loves it when things like this happen, what with the mediums message which was unexpected keeping the momentum going and now this. The universe is certainly being good to I :)
    May it long continue. :clap:

  • The universe works in mysterious ways and obviously wants you to reconnect with these people, when you believe amazing things can and will happen. :)