Email writing issues!

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  • Hi,I use Hotmail,and I';ve noticed over the last week,when I'm writing an email,there is a delay in the letters appearing,so its not appearing as I am typing.Today,it was bloody hard work.There was probably a 10 sec delay,which is annoying when you are trying to read the email back or correct mistakes.Any idea's how I can speed the text back up so its appearing the same time as I type?TIA xo

  • This sounds like a RAM issue - like your device/computer is struggling to keep up with what you're asking it to do.

    So, you potentially need to close a few apps or see what's running in the background and eating up all your resources. Turning it off and on may help.

  • Thankyou for your help.I had already cleared the cache,but.....I was also listening to an online radio station as I was emailing.Do you think thats what might of slowed it down?

  • Thankyou for your help.I had already cleared the cache,but.....I was also listening to an online radio station as I was emailing.Do you think thats what might of slowed it down?

    Probably. I assume you are using the on screen keyboard on a tablet or a phone. If so, then as paul has suggested close any apps you arent using, including those running in the background.

    Also, have you recently installed any new apps at about the time the problem started? If so, try uninstalling them and see if the problem goes away, some apps hog the memory and processor either in use or in the background.

  • Happens to me if I don't reboot for a while - and I have 16gb of RAM on this computer.

    However, I currently have *goes off to count* over 160 tabs open spanning 4 different browsers, along with Photoshop, Lightroom, VLC, Filezilla, Dreamweaver, Editplus, Word, Outlook, Skype, Whatsapp Desktop, 4 instances of Explorer, Calc and Notepad :eek:

  • Have you tried clearing all downloads and history in your browser? If that does not work, how about clearing registry errors and junk files? Can be done with the free version of AVG. I had a laptop that was going too slow. Once I did the aforementioned, it was like new.

  • Using a laptop,not a touch screen device.

    Are you using hotmail onlie ie are you using the actual hotmail or outlook webmail site or an email application ? I dont use hotmail much its just an old account but when i do use the site its very very slow and alwsys a delay beteeen keystrokes and dont already id download and run CCleaner the free version is fine and will deep clean your pc and go to Trend micros and run.their housecall app it tends to pick up problem malware.
    Run the microsoft system check if youre still having problems..

  • Oh, thatll be windoze then...
    I'll not mention the L word, over to someone else.....

    It isn't like the 'L' word is banned on here, they just don't like you over-praising it, for some reason:)
    I have a version of the L-word OS dual-booting with windoze on the same computer. If I go online with windoze and go to a website and look at my mail and write to folks it's a pretty lengthy experience, even if I have just switched on with a clean RAM memory. If I boot into the L-word OS and go to exact same site and read and write emails the whole experience is much, much quicker. The RAM is the same, the CPU is the same, the HDD is the same, so you just gotta figure that one OS is a whole lot quicker than the other. Both OS occupy less than 20% of their HDD space, so there is no disparity there, either.

  • I agree its a far better operating system, whichever flavour you use. However i also didnt want to give the op the advice to switch to it as although it is most likely a contributary factor to her problems the majority of people who buy a laptop with windoze stick with the os despite all its issues and it would therefore have not been a very helpful answer.

    It might have been right, just not helpful!
    I bought a samsung n145 netbook that had windoze 7 on it off someone cheap because "its shit, slow and always crashing" It had one gig ram, barely enough to run the os never mind anything else. Installed xubuntu and it was and still is a great little notebook, ideal for use in the van.