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  • Haha i made the mistake of buying one of those once at newark autojumble. Plugged it into my hilux and it worked for exactly the amount of time to get a drink lukewarm before it burned the socket out.
    For anyone not knowing, getting all the bits off round the dash to replace said socket on a k plate hilux was a full mornings work....

    Needless to say the element went in the bin.

    LOL, I changed the heater matrix in one of them , I was close to tears . Then there is resetting the cam belt light on MK 5s , takes longer than changing the belt, full dashboard dismantle job . I only re set my light , as I had half taken the car apart as the bonnet pull stopped working .

  • .....as I had half taken the car apart as the bonnet pull stopped working .

    Aaarrggh now you are dragging up painful memories. The only trouble with the 2.4 non turbo lump was that it is so reliable you never open the bonnet (i wasnt one for filter and oil changes unless it really needed it..)

    When the oil light finally came on and i pulled the bonnet release nothing happened.
    Then i pulled it harder - nothing
    Then i pulled it harder - snapped the handle.
    Then i lost my temper and pulled the end of the cable with some mole grips - pulled the inner out.
    Then looked underneath to try and reach catch - no chance.
    Then i tried gentle prising on the grill - nothing
    Then i prised a bit harder - nothing
    Then i put a hammer through the grill - success, well sort of. I could now see quite clearly that there was no access to the release mechanism.
    Then i crowbarred the bonnet open, and attatched a small piece of wire to the catch and left it hanging in front of the rad.
    The bonnet straightened out reasonably well with a hammer.
    New grill from the scrapyard ended up with the release cable stuck out the front of it, and thats how it stayed for the rest of its life.

    Oh and i topped the oil up.

  • Every time I try to include a quote in a post the space bar doesn't work in the white box been happening for 2 days ? Weird .


    but if you type a letter then press return key, then you are ok as i have just demonstrated......glad it wasnt just me

  • i am getting one of these , seems eco friendly ..........


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  • I have felt your pain , more than is reasonable myself :thumbup: Older and wiser , I step back now, (well most of the time) I had a commer walk through and a cf truck that both had bonnets held down with string . The transit , with like you , a bit of wire sticking out the radiator grill to release the bonnet was cutting edge technology.
    My special nack is dent removal that makes things look ten times worse . :beard::insane:

  • Way back when I was listening to a travel show, Nik Kershaw was on, the radio DJ, not the 80's pop numpty,

    He liked to backpack.

    He 3 things never to be without oddly didn't include a USB or cigarette lighter powered coffee warmer.

    But it did include

    Frisbee. Multi purpose, collect water, dinner plate, some other stuff I forget, and you can throw it which turns out a great way of making friends when a football is too big to carry.

    Radio. Obvious benefits.

    And a bottle of Tabasco, cos just a little bit makes just about anything palatable, even McDonald's I assume, though best not to put it in the coffee.

  • I read this thread from beginning to end and sort of slurped my coffee that I made in my gas coffee maker and thought...hmm we are all different, have different interests, tastes and views. It's not always a bad thing and for me part of my 'hippyness' is accepting that difference for what it is. Why be rude about it? I have read some previous posts by Englishlens and haven't really agreed with some of the views or principles but think his difference to me contributes to the diversity of the site. If everyone wrote stuff on here that i agreed with all of the time I'd think god this place is sooooo boring and move on.
    I really don't think slating a new thread is the way to encourage anyone else to begin something new either. Did the coffee warmer interest me....ummm no! Did I really mind seeing the picture....no, although it took a while for me to click on it - probably because I couldn't see anything else on here that captured my interest at the time.

    Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up on your dreams and ideals, wrinkles the soul.

  • who is being rude ?

    Whilst slightly tongue in cheek and having a chuckle at the other posts I stand by all my comments. The item in question is a typical gimmick destined for landfill on the grounds that its inefficient and quite pointless. I have offered advice on how I keep coffee warm (though in all honesty I generally make then drink it and if required make another HOT one) without the use of a laptop :)

  • I've noticed that theres 2 varieties of usb related things.

    1. Recognisably 'computer-related' things like connecting to printers and cameras, donglesticks, etc

    2. Tat that catches fire.

    Not being rude, but some of the latter can be downright dangerous.