vegan christmas help please

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  • Hi,i hope im allowed to post this?Im doing the christmas day this year and my brother and his wife are vegan.They are bringing their own lunch but id like to have lots of biscuits,crackers and the usual to munch on throughout the day.I have NO ideas!I have no idea what puddings or what they can have instead of cheese and biscuits,and they were cheese fiends last year!Ive started looking through vegan recipes and such but would love some ideas for things that people usually have on their day?
    Thank you xxx

  • Some Christmas Puddings are vegan - especially the cheaper ones.

    Plenty of vegan cheese out there nowadays - Sainsbury's Own Brand is pretty good, as is Violife

    It's not too difficult to rustle up a nut roast - or make something with some fake meats from Holland and Barratt

    Bisto gravy is vegan

    If you come up with a vegan Yorkshire pudding (not so easy) they will love you for life.

    As always, read the ingredients and look for the animal products to avoid (allergens are usually in bold) and also for anything containing honey, beeswax or shellac.

    I'm sure people will be able to come up with some more specific recommendations than me.

  • I have a recipe for a really hearty, 'meaty' tasting vegan mushroom and walnut casserole thing, its made with red wine. You can get vegan red wine for £5.99 from Tesco, although I'm not sure if that's instore or online.

    I will happily send you the recipe if you like, it'd make a nice accompaniment to some roasted veg, potatoes etc, or with a nut roast.

  • seems so ...
    [h=2]Gravy[/h] Vegan gravy is available in supermarkets and health food shops but not all the vegetable ones are vegan and some contain meat. Sainsbury’s and the Co-op label which of their own brands are vegan and Bisto’s original gravy powder and onion gravy granules are vegan, and so is Oxo’s vegetable gravy granules.

    i would avoid the bisto though ,,,,,,,,,

  • We had an amazingly brilliant, cheap, and stress-free christmas last year, dinner was loads of veg and roasties, with loads of locally foraged chestnuts. All stuff we'd normally have in anyway, and a lush pudding from tesco (£4), a walk round the lake, a bit of a laugh with some neighbours, then back to the van for an evening of treats and fun .... we didn't do pressies, not miserable or tight, just nowt we needed. The moral of the story is that Christmas needn't be posh and expensive, don't make the food and pressies the focus of jesus' birthday, just relax.

    We've already gathered loads of nuts for this year ..... :hippy:

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