• Drinking potato wine. I dropped a full gas bottle (a big one) on my foot this morning. Kept hobbling around but now it's sitting around with a drink time, I decided to look at it. Oops, all swollen and black and blue. I suspect a cracked bone, but the potato wine makes everything better. 😎

    potato wine, is that what posh folk call vodka??

  • Going for a kip, big day tomorrow. My brother and his mate stripped his bike engine 6 months ago to replace the gearbox then gave up on it. Now none of them have any idea how to put it back together. So I get the job, best bit is they put everything in one box when they finished.

    engine rebuilt and fiTted, had it running by 3 o'clock today, think my little bro noticed I was getting stressed at his mate "helping", they went to get food and came back 3 hours later to me sitting in the van . Had got as far as I could with no exhaust. Just got chain fairings and fuel tank to do tomorrow.

  • Watching the quality of the feminine six nations clash between Wales and italy before the male version later. Brilliant,get to sing mae hen wlad fae nhadau twice today :D Just opened my first belgian beer of the day.

    Its nice being able to park up on a friends farm when I am passing through this area and settin up my satellite dish and leave the door open so that cockney can go for a bimble out in the fields when he feels like it and know that there is no-one near to bother him and him them.

    Making the most of catching up with on line stuff too with having wifi out in the van. Hence a few posts on ukhippy this weekend,and lovely it is to spend a bit of time in your company lovely peeps :peaceman:

  • Something very strange is going on. I am sat here in the van on a very rainy afternoon awaiting upon the afternoons oval feast between wales and Italy and am enjoying a nice bottle of brown beer made by trappist monks. Now thats not strange you no doubt think and you would be right.

    What is strange is that whilst I am awaiting,songs of praise is on the tv behind me and I have been chilling out nicely to the beautiful music that has been on the show.

    I used to hate songs of praise !!!!!

    I guess that as it is on in the background,I am not listening to any dogma or doctrinated view point and am just picking up on the better parts of it.

    It is honestly quite beautiful xx

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