• Hehe beautiful isn't it :) I should not be awake but 2 monkeys decided 5am was a good time to get up!

    It is lovely and its misty too,if i wasnt so bloody cold id go and take a load of photos....I was woken by own monkeys...my cats decided 5am was a good time to begin breakfast begging.

  • Just visiting a couple of friends whilst I am here in Brittany and sadly they own a bar-micro brewery and make some lovely artisanal beers :whistle:

    Best write this message now as may not be able to type too well later. shame on me , I hang my head in shame :D

  • Just had veggy chilli after a mini ukh meet ,had rick69 and that wandering bloke in the goose over..took the lovely tyson for a wander,we really could do with a permanent pooch😊🐕..harrys over for the night so may pop and see our neighbour in a bit xx

  • Fixing my woodburner. Reseating the middle half, reselling the two sections. New stainless steel bolts fitted. Don’t try this in your home. Grinding and wire brushing ten years of rust don’t make for a clean home.

  • AW, i dont know whether you know but exposing stainless nuts and bolts to heat makes the threads very likely to bind next time you try to undo them meaning you may well have to shear them to get them apart. We have a hell of a job getting fryers apart when thry hind up and they only run at 200c.

    You can only accomplish your object in life by complete disregard of the opinions of other people.

  • Cheers Rick, good point but I have no intention of removing them again. Even steel would get to sheer point. These bolts are level with, if-not below the burn hight and in the coals. If I need to remove them it will be a cut with the disc grinder like I had to do with the original bolts earlier.

  • Changing stuff over to its winter settings, sort of.

    Everything wearable first, with most pairs of jeans put away, and cords brought out. Woolly hats and gloves and the occasional scarf brought within easy reach. (I find a Russian hat, not worn since the 1990's - will cold winter weather ever come again?). Winter socks brought out and sandals put away. A couple of pairs of long johns near to hand, just in case.

    Boots to the fore ready, and soft trainers put in a box under the bed. The Winter Duvet put on the other night, instead of the Summer Duvet and a pile of old coats. Now so delicious to snuggle down in! (But harder to crawl out of on cold mornings...)

    Massive winter coats (Once used for standing all day on frosty markets) are brought forth from the wardrobe and hung on the rail near the front door; some for rain and some for really cold weather. Bodywarmers, long buried, are resurrected and also stuck on the hall rail.

    At present I am still wearing a light Autumn jacket over a lightweight sweater, but who knows what weather the coming winter will bring?

  • Forecast is a cold type winter wiv snow n fings... Ive got no seasonal stuff to put away or fetch out,its all to hand ..its either hot or cold from one day to the next so dress accordingly....in 'the good ole days' we had proper defined seasons...:/ now its 4 seasons in a week...not that i give much of a:gaf:

    not like we can do much about it is it :weed:

  • Yesterday morning was nice and mild so I was out with just a T-shirt and a Hoody and then it snowed for about five minutes and the temperature plummeted and it was Arctic cold with the wind...I’ve learned a lesson, winters arriving

  • Pissed off being dog tired and unable to sleep ive just fitted 4 LED strip lights under my kitchen wall cupboards and in my shower room...Ive only had them sitting around 6 months :zipped:...finally nice to have some decent kitchen workights...still cant sleep:shock: but one more job done.

  • Feeling utterly crap, like my head is in a vice, my sinuses and forehead ache and my stupid ears are ringing.

    But my husband is coming to pick me up today :)

    And I get to see the animals! :clap:

  • Sitting at home playing with the dog, while typing this.

    2 and a half academic years of my life is in the hall.

    Cat is fed cuddled and upstairs.

    Husband is returning the hire van.

    Found a noise cancelling app thingy, seems to work.

    Josh not fussed by it, he says he can't hear it. 8o

    Still getting the pulsing and the bloody headache - but I may have the headaches sussed: when I get them, I lie down to ease them because nothing else works.

    Sinuses still hurt.

    Much happier.

    Anyone want to buy a complete set of degree level biomedical science textbooks, many are generic but in the main they are pharmacological?

    I may throw in all recorded lectures and scribbly notes.

    still debating whether to go back next year or get a written transcript and finish with the OU, despite their lack of tutorial support in the highlands.

    - you had to see the paper trail of emails.8o

  • Settled in room - night of Pink Floyd / David Gilmour on the telly.

    Several large bottles of reduced to 50p each Tyskie.

    Dog is sat on my lap.

    Fires on.

    Bottle of Southern Comfort in the fridge next to the lager.

    You can only accomplish your object in life by complete disregard of the opinions of other people.