The London Million Mask March protest by Anonymous

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  • This years Million Mask March protest by the activist group Anonymous takes place on Saturday the 5th of November at 6pm in Trafalgar Square. This is a major protest against the bad policies by the current Conservative government such as austerity cuts, fracking, the replacement of Trident nuclear submarines which will cost 41 billion pounds, benefit cuts and benefit sanctions. The sell off of council housing etc. We want a wide range of group affected by government policies to join this protest such as trade unions, environmentalists, benefit claimants, the homeless, and the disabled.
    Facebook event for this protest:

  • We've done a few protests and I've found the police presence at Anonymous demos quite intimidating, particularly as I go with my son.

    A few years back we went to a demo on Westminster Bridge that was protesting against rising gas and electricity costs. It was organised by groups like Pensioners Against Poverty and promoted by people like Owen Jones so seemed unlikely to experience any problems. It was a small group, a few police about but all very friendly, chatting with the demonstrators and so on. We walked across Westminster Bridge once that one finished to join the Anonymous one and you could feel the atmosphere change as you got into Parliament Square. There were police vans parked up and they all started moving and blocking off the roads. I looked behind and they were starting to line up two deep to stop people getting in or out so I scarpered at that point; I want my son to engage in the process and be aware of what's going on but I'm still keen to protect him from police brutality :)

    Anyway, will be with you in spirit and I do donate to various campaign groups when I can but I will have to organise my own little demo at home :)

  • The police do not intimidate the really big marches. I went on a couple of really big ones like the Stop the war demonstrations and the atmosphere was really relaxed and the police friendly and helpful. The large TUC organised anti-cuts demonstrations were largely very peaceful as well.

  • Do the anonymous ones get aggressive? Seems like the plod might be expecting something like the Mayday protests.

    Where do the masks come from?

    If you want to be anonymous, don't take your phone...

  • I think a lot of the problems at some marches are started by the police themselves so that they can then react. the police use 'agent provocateurs' to stir up trouble.

    The masks come from the movie V for Vendetta

    I wont be taking my phone or any other identification


  • By the way you can easily make your own Guy Fawkes masks out of cardboard. See this:…awkes-mask_n_8477444.html
    As for violence that is usually when the police over react to a few trouble makers and ordinary protesters then get hurt. I think the police have learnt how to deal with demonstrations better now though. For example I went on the last two student anti fees demonstrations and there was virtually no trouble at all. Protesters have learnt a lot too. They know how to avoid trouble better now and know not to get into arguments with the police.

  • I only picked up on this today and will contemplate attending.

    I believe the large police presence due to the non organisation not engaging with the authorities beforehand nor suggesting that it should be peaceful.

    I hate crowds but hope I can gather the courage to put my feet on the ground.

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  • I'm no expert on the law nor this march.

    My interpretation of the available articles on last year's march is that both police and participants reported that it was 99% peaceful.

    Since Anonymous is so all encompassing in its approach and anti politic it is highly realistic to imagine that commuting or unacceptably housed met police personnel might hold some sympathy/ empathy toward the marchers.