Mercedes 814 advice

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  • I wouldn't mind fitting a larger boat hatch at some point in the future! I'll probably have about 1.6m wide by 2.5m left to store stuff/use as a sun terrace, can't wait to be up there sipping a cold beer! :D

    I've got 350w of solar charging 230ah of batteries. Still waiting for stuff to come so I can wire it all up from bimble... They seem terrible at actually delivering things on time!

  • Solars next in my to do list..managed 35 years of vans without it but would be handy to have..bimbles git a good name but delivery is supposed to be a bit slow..

  • Im just finishing a zinc roof overlooking the harbour in padstow...views over the camel estuary..parked up on the job..2 beaches within 3 miles where i can surf /paddleboard after could be worse..just had 5 weeks here.

  • Now that does sound nice!
    Hooked up one of the two solar panels today after advice that my 20A cheapie controller wouldn't handle both 175w panels. Think I've got everything right. I haven't set the controller to anything just plugged it in and left it. Does this look right?

  • Stayed our first night in the van last night, got Chinese in as we've no cooker yet but washed up using pumped hot water heated in my instant water heater... Was quite satisfying!

    All I really need to do now is buy and fit a cooker, get hold of or make some roof rack clips to hold it to the gutter, finish the bathroom (this may be left for years at this rate) and just decorate bits as we go. It's nearly finished!

    The solar didn't seem to be bringing many amps in yesterday for some reason. But the batteries are now full again! Hoping to order a 12v to tonight. Any advice on Aries etc? Also thinking about wifi boosters?

  • If you haven't got a cooker yet, I do recommend those single ring picnic stoves that use the aerosol type gas canisters. Asda are selling them for £10 but the gas isn't cheap there. They sell the gas at poundworld. Good as a stopgap. Keep as a backup in case you run out of proper gas.

  • Turns out I couldn't get any jets so that's no use! Been lacking motivation recently so haven't got much done. Although my provisional turned up today so that'll kick me into gear, plan on getting the theory nailed and lessons/test booked up ASAP.

  • Might have to be done VW!
    Booked my theory this morning for next Thursday. Need to get some revision in, anybody have any app suggestions or simular?

    Me and the missus will be staying in it Saturday night as we've got a party to go to nearby. Slowly getting closer to getting on the road!

    Plan is to spend a couple of months in Barcalona and then move south for winter.,,

  • Yeah, I quite like cooking so an full size cooker would be ideal. I need to get my arse into gear and get the van on the road. Excited to get going and want to try catch the end of summer in Barcalona. It's usable as is right now with one of those small burners but ideally I need to finish the bathroom/shower, plumb an oven in, somehow sort a gas filler which may have to run about 2metres to the back door (is this advisable?) and just tidy bits and bobs up but they can wait realistically...

  • Theory passed this morning - One step closer!
    I'm going to tax and insure it with my dad as main driver for now this week, I need to secure the roof rack (can't find the clamps for sale anywhere) and bolt solar panels to the rack then it can go in for an mot which hopefully it'll pass!!

    I'm off to Cornwall next weekend so once I'm back hopefully I can start lessons and then get the test smashed out.

    I think realistically for now, the shower and oven can wait. I'll use it and see how it all works.

  • Just realised that photobucket has stopped showing my photos!

    I hadn't been to the van for about a month up until today but things are coming along! It's booked in for mot this Wednesday so today was spent making up brackets to hold the roofrack in the gutters and clearing it out of materials and tools.... Of which there was a lot more than I thought!

    Cooker plans have changed, I've got a two hob burner which I'm going to extend the worktop and then sit it on there using the underneath as clothes storage. I'm going to build that tomorrow and hopefully the gas fittings will arrive soon so I can get it plumbed up - I'll finally have a working stove! Also I need to buy some bungee cord and fabricate some straps to hold my drawers in place, herbs, tea etc in the rack and nip up the tv bracket so that doesn't come out while on the move (had a little test drive today).

    I've got 16 hours worth of lessons booked in starting the 21st this month and the test on the 24th, fingers crossed I pass and then she shall be on the road!

  • I spent Sunday morning using black elastic to stop things moving about, tightened up the to bracket to stop the to going everywhere and built a little worktop to sit the burner on. I can't see an easy way to screw the hob down, any inventive ideas? The fitting I needed has arrived so I may plumb it up and test it tonight!

    On a downside she failed the mot! But all very minor - two exposed wires on the dash (speaker wires), hole on bodywork needs taping over for now and it's missing two rear marker lights so I'm picking it back up this evening and taking back for a retest Monday.

  • Exposed wires on the dash? I took a track car in for test with half the loom cut up and hanging out the remains of the dash to make sure it passed before i went to the trouble of finishing it, never even mentioned!

    Picture of the hob if you have one may help ideas...