Sterling Power Products Pro Charge D 24v 25amp battery charger/power pack £150

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  • Got this excellent quality 24volt charger for sale as no longer required, It has been removed from a vehicle that has now had the habitation electrics changed over to 12volt.
    These are very good quality chargers and I have fitted many in the past to emergency services vehicles it is capable of charging up to three 24 volt battery banks independently and perfect for truck conversions or boats etc using a 24 volt electrical system. I still use one on my own truck conversion. These sold new for the best part of £400. but have now been replaced with the pro ultra range. I might have a copy of the original instructions and if I can find them they will be included if not they can be downloaded from the Sterling Products website for which I can provide a link.
    I'm asking for around £150 and would prefer it if it could be picked up rather than posted if possible.

  • Hello there, pretty sure it doesn't have a boost starter feature as in portable chargers it is basically designed to be hard wired into a vehicle / boat etc to charge the habitation battery bank whilst on electric hook up, but also capable of charging the vehicle battery bank at the same time totally independently as well as another battery bank say on a generator. It does have a 4 stage charging system phase 1 Boost, phase 2 absorbtion,phase 3 float and phase 4 reset , link to the instructions here…_INSTRUCTIONS_low.pdf?922