Would You Have Sex With Someone Who Has An STI?

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  • Mornin'
    I was responding to Cricket's reply, not yours Wurzel, I replied with a quote but it screwed the formatting.
    Your reply was plain, but it seems to be a concern to Cricket, I was wondering why


    Yeah I realised that James :) it is easy to get the wrong idea on a forum eh!.

    cricket! When I had a relationship with her I did not know how promiscuous she was, if you would like the whole story then ok.

    One night around Christmas time in 2003 I called into a pub that was run by an old mate of mine , as I spoke to him at the bar he had to go to the aid of 3 young ladies sitting around a table right next to the rear door of the establishment, this happened 3 times, a guy was opening the door and having a go at one of them because of a problem he had with her boyfriend.
    Then my mate Colin had to go down the cellar and he asked me to keep an eye on the girls. It happened again so I went over to their table and chased the little scroat' then saying if he comes back give me a shout, they said he will as soon as you have gone, but if you sit with us it should be ok, so I did, after a few mins' this other woman came in, face like thunder and ready for a fight, it was the sister of the girl taking abuse from little shite.
    We sat there for a bit, she thanked me and bought me a pint, although I did protest at the pint she insisted, so the conversation continued, I don't know what I said but she looked at me and said "if you are trying to ask me out then Yes!" :)
    We arranged to meet in that very pub on New Years eve after she had finished her shift in Bargain Booze "just before midnight" she didn't show, at the end of that night I was getting hit on by this guy who was built like a brick shithouse, I had to run like fuck whilst carrying a barrel of beer in my stomach :vomit:

    She called me the next day and apologised saying they didn't shut the shop until after 1.

    So I was invited to her brother's 40th two nights later in a Rugby Club Clubhouse.

    Twas a lovely evening and then I mentioned that I had the house to myself as my folks were abroad for crimbo at my sister's place (I was still living there awaiting my divorce settlement)
    Well! BOOM!! what a fuckin' night
    She was wearing a shimmering 60's style mini dress, with knee length, black paten leather, fuck me boots, as she stood there facing me in her black underwear and boots I asked her if she would mind keeping them on in bed, :reddevil:she obliged!!! (the boots, not the nickers)

    We really enjoyed ourselves that night!, there were several more nights like this one (I failed to mention I was 36, she 22)

    Then one night I was invited to a do' with her in Liverpool, but it was a Tuesday and that was on of my nights to have my daughters over.
    I tried calling her the next day - about 50 times lol, no answer until about 2pm the next day, she said she was sorry and that she had been as sick as a dog because of the alcohol.

    We met up again in my mate's pub a night or two later, where she said to me " look I can't do this to you, I'm a user, I use fellas for what I can get and then dump them, but you're nice, you're kind so before I rip you off I'm finishing it now"

    I thanked her for her honesty and the great sex that we'd had and we went our own ways.
    I found out some time later she had a new guy that very same night, then every time I saw her again she was with another :clap: go girl.
    Then I heard that a guy from work's son was seeing her, I spoke to him about what she does so he thanked me and decided to be a bit of a twat that night, he told that as they were having sex he started spitting in her face, to his amazement she loved it :D but he was a little shit as well and told everybody about it, so they split. I then heard from a woman in the pub that some other young fella who was in a relationship with his high school sweetheart and there had been no others for either, had been caught out because his gf's workplace had offered them all free sexual health screening and she came back positive for chlamydia, he confessed as to who it was, and ended up with neither, that was when my workmate comes into the picture, even after I told him, he asked what were the symptoms, I said there quite often aren't any, there may be a slight itch and it can cause infertility, and that the word chlamydia means cloak in Latin or Greek or something hence it is sometimes hard to detect as it cloaks itself. He said oh well fuck that then if there are no symptoms I'm not arsed!!!
    I have not named her or put up a picture of her so no harm done, I no longer live in that area and have no contact with anybody mentioned within these words.

    Although I can name the guy who spat in her face as he is dead now, Dave - his partner stabbed him for being abusive.