debunking 9/11 conspiracies

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  • What's the conspiracy?

    The Oil relationship and dollar relationship is hard pegged.

    Oil and war are big business for the USA and the Saudis.

    Just now the Russians are in flagration of international law and the ignoring it......

    I fail to see the conspiracy......

    It's hard economic and fascist government fact.

    The USA had no issue profiteering from the axis of evil but will not stand against the Russians. ..... There's simply no profit in it.

    There never was a conspiracy......... Only the potential for profit.

  • I tend to agree about the profiteering motive.Neither the West or Russians or even Chinese can afford to return to a Cold War level of continual war footing,it might benefit arms companies who provide the hardware but that money has to come from governments who are presently trillions in debt already but theres no overall direct financial benefit to the key players so apart from the posturing and rhetoric i dont see them fighting each other directly unless relations broke down irrevocably.

    The bigger prize is the oil and resources of the Syrian Iraq region and the strategic pipelines Russia wants across the same territory.
    Theres significant benefits and spoils to be had by all the players in that region and well worth fighting for,using the fight against Islamism is the perfect excuse continue to wage a regional war there and on a bigger scale.What apoears to be going on in the region presently is a continual raddling and stoking of the fire to ensure it keeps smouldering into next year.
    Ive no doubt thats what will happen once US election year is over...Curiously Russia's election year is now settled too.The global elite are taking a break, rebuilding finances, moving assets and post Christmas holidays things may well/most probably will change.

  • The Bush family are massive shareholders in the armament business and managed to divert tax payer cash into feedind that machine.

    That same machine feeds armaments to the Saudis and the the Bin Laden's are massive corporate profiteers who currently fail to pay their slave wage builders who are mostly from the Indian subcontinent.(Hindus)

    The Saudi army is massively reliant on conscripts from Pakistan who are being paid to suppress the Yemenis without much success.

    The Russians are getting away with supporting something that the West is rhetorically against but is proving that the West are profiteering hypocrites who subjugate their own.

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